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The tea leaf-based beverage has been known for a long time, but its uniqueness lies in the fact that the most unexpected components can be added to the composition. The Kalmyk recipe came to Russia with the Mongol Tatars. They managed to get rid of the conquerors, but the tradition of drinking real tea remained. It can contain spices, fat, bread, cakes and nuts, and for flavor after preparation, the drink is not seasoned with sugar but with salt.

The value of this tea is in its heating effect and high calorie content. At the same time, there may not be any classic brewing. In Asia, there is the concept of “eating tea”. In this article I will talk about the benefits and dangers of the Kalmyk drink, how to brew it properly at home and what herbs to add.

What the drink looked like

The recipe for a fantastic hearty drink came from the people of the east. The Kalmyks call the drink jomba and always add animal products to it. The recipe took root in cold Siberia, the Caucasus and Asia. There are legends about the origin of the drink.

One by one, the elder and the religious leader became very ill. The arriving doctor prescribed jomban to drink every day. After a week, he regained strength and then fully recovered. According to another legend, a Tibetan llama was puzzled by the rejuvenation of the monks who had fasted for a long time. He created a hearty drink with milk and animal fat. Since then, Kalmyks has fallen in love with jomba and even started celebrating the tea festival, which is held on the third Saturday in May. The drink is called to honor these people.

The benefits of Kalmyk tea for the body

The hearty drink is designed to support the strength of the nomads. The morning reception can keep riders in the saddle for several days.

In addition to nutritional value, it is also very useful:

  • helps strengthen the immune system, prevents colds and warms up;
  • restores strength, relieves overexertion, makes thoughts clear;
  • promotes an abundant flow of milk during breastfeeding;
  • relieves flatulence and indigestion, eliminates bloating
  • strengthens the heart muscle
  • promotes weight loss, as it has a good effect on metabolism.
Morning tea contributes to a proper digestive process
Morning tea contributes to a proper digestive process

Calm softness is useful for diabetics, as the sugar returns to normal. The milk drink contains a lot of calcium and fluorine, manganese and vitamins in different groups. It should be drunk by children and the elderly to cheer up. Morning tea helps with the right digestive process.

A limited intake of the drink is recommended for allergy sufferers with personal intolerance to the components and cholelithiasis.

Calm to prescription

A rich milk drink has many recipes. In different regions it is prepared in its own way. What is in the house is put in Kalmyk tea. Butter can be replaced with lamb fat, fresh dry leaves, bay leaves with pepper. Different varieties of tea have a strange taste formed by its components. A prerequisite is the use of pressed green leaves in briquettes.

In the shops you will find a pressed version of Kalmyk tea. The tray is broken off, placed in the teapot and filled with boiling water.

In the shops you will find a flat-pressed version of Kalmyk tea
In the shops you will find a flat-pressed version of Kalmyk tea


Regardless of the taste of connoisseurs, the classics are always in demand. To prepare a traditional drink, you need to perform some simple manipulations.

  1. In a thin-walled saucepan, you need to put a piece of briquette tea leaf equal to a teaspoon.
  2. Two hundred milliliters of cold water is poured into a container, heated and boiled for 10 minutes.
  3. Add 200 ml of preheated milk to the pan.
  4. A pinch of salt, nutmeg, pepper is placed on the entire volume of the liquid. You have to brew with spices for another five minutes.
  5. Half a teaspoon of butter is added to the drink. Then close the pan and place in a warm place for 20 minutes.
  6. The drink is poured into pre-filtered mugs.

Kalmyks make a drink with mare’s milk and add sheep fat to it.

Such a drink warms up well and saves from colds, similar to lingonberries, chamomile, tea with honey and lemon.

More Tatar

Tatar tea is no less popular than Kalmyk tea
Tatar tea is no less popular than Kalmyk tea

Tartar, saturated in taste, is no less popular than Kalmyk tea.

  1. One hundred milliliters of water is poured into a saucepan and lit.
  2. Two small spoons of tea are placed in boiling water.
  3. One hundred milliliters of preheated milk is poured in.
  4. The mixture is heated over low heat for another seven minutes.
  5. At the end of the process, add a pinch of salt and butter.

Before serving, filter tea. The recipe is simpler and cheaper than Kalmyk, but it is also very tasty.

With welding

For Kalmyk tea, you can use both black and green tea
For Kalmyk tea, you can use both black and green tea

To get a brew drink, you must use black tea:

  1. For eight minutes, the tea leaf must be boiled on low heat.
  2. Warm milk is poured into the pan, a pinch of salt and nutmeg are placed. In this composition, the drink is brewed for another five minutes.
  3. Let the tea cover for 10 minutes.

The filtered drink is poured into mussels and served to the table.

You can add black and green leaf tea to the tea. This will give the drink pikans and rich flavor.


Nomadic people cannot imagine their lives without meat products. They also prefer to drink tea with the addition of lamb ribs. The taste is spicy and unusual.

  1. Half a kilo of ribs are poured with three liters of cold water and boiled for an hour.
  2. When the meat has become soft, it is taken out and a two hundred gram briquette of green tea is placed in the broth.
  3. It is brewed over low heat for another ten minutes.
  4. Two liters of heated milk are poured into the pan, a pinch of salt and pepper are added.
  5. The tea is boiled for another ten minutes and then infused the same amount.
Meat has an unusual and spicy taste
Meat has an unusual and spicy taste

A strained drink with a small amount of nutmeg is poured into cups. Hot ribs with boiled potatoes are served on a separate serving.

With spices

The abundance of spices makes the drink aromatic and warming. Spice tea is perfect for meat dishes. It is important to add the spice in time so that it has time to open and give its aroma to the drink.

For Kalmyk tea, oregano and marjoram, basil and rosemary are suitable, and suneli hops give a sharp tone. What a particular beverage will consist of depends on the person preparing it. The spices are added to the boiling mixture two minutes before they are removed from the heat. Thereafter, tea is infused for ten minutes and must be filtered before serving.

With green leaves

There is not much vegetation in the northern regions and the steppe. The person lacks vitamins. To fill this gap, add spring onions or dill to the drink.

Traditionally brewed Kalmyk tea is infused for 10 minutes.

During this time, several onion feathers and three branches of dill are washed and cut into small pieces. The greens should not be boiled, so they are poured into strained tea directly into the cups. After a minute in a hot drink, the hardness of the onion disappears.

Onions and dill supplement tea with vitamins
Onions and dill supplement tea with vitamins

With nutmeg

After preparing a classic recipe, housewives add nutmeg or cloves to tea to add contraction and aroma. The tea is infused and gets a spicy taste. Two pinches of walnut and four cloves are enough per liter of liquid. Before pouring into cups, the beverage is filtered. But if a clove gets into it, it will not ruin the look and taste.

With oil and bay leaves

The smell of laurel is difficult to confuse with the scent of other spices. The leaves are often added to broths and main courses. Kalmyks prefers to use lavrushka in tea. The leaves can give the drink extra bitterness, but they do not release the scent so quickly. In order not to spoil the taste of the drink, add the bay leaf five minutes before the end of cooking. An additional 10 minutes of infusion gives the tea a special taste and aroma.

Honey and bread options

Traditional Kalmyk tea is salty, but sometimes a sweet version is also made
Traditional Kalmyk tea is salty, but sometimes a sweet version is also made

Traditional Kalmyk tea is salty, but there is an exception to the rule. When you cook, nothing is added to the pan. Before removing from the heat, add honey to the drink to taste. While the tea is infused, it spreads, giving off its sweetness and aroma. This drink is drunk only from wide bowls or soup cups. Slices of bread, homemade tortillas, cakes are added to tea.

In Asia, spoons are always put on the table. It is convenient to “eat” tea from a bowl and enjoy its taste.

For breastfeeding

To keep the baby and mother healthy, the drink is prepared in a light form. Green tea contains a lot of caffeine, so the amount of brew is reduced.

  1. Not a full briquette of brewing is placed in the pan, but 40 grams less.
  2. You can not add spices so as not to cause an allergic reaction in the child.
  3. It is not recommended to add salt to avoid swelling.
  4. Use low-fat milk instead of cream. And also reduce the amount of oil.

It is not recommended to drink the drink if there is a personal intolerance to individual components. For pregnant women, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with useful recipes for raspberries, sea buckthorn, thyme and oregano drinks.

With sweet spices

You can add cinnamon, anise or cardamom to the drink, which is prepared according to the classic recipe
You can add cinnamon, anise or cardamom to the drink, which is prepared according to the classic recipe

Tea can replace a full meal, why can it not be a good dessert. Sweet spices give the drinks a special taste. You can add cinnamon, anise or cardamom to a drink prepared according to the classic recipe. No one knows the exact proportions. They are revealed through experimentation and abuse. You need to start with one pinch per gallon of fluid. If the taste does not seem richly rich, the dose increases.

For children

Kalmyks does not allow children under the age of five to drink jomba. With frequent colds and reduced immunity, tea is specially prepared for them.

  1. In 200 ml of water, half as much tea leaf as for an adult drink.
  2. After a ten minute boil, add moderately boiled milk.
  3. Spices are not added to the drink and salt is replaced by sweeteners in the form of sugar, jam, honey.
  4. Sweet jomba is infused for 10 minutes, after which it is filtered and poured into cups.

No butter or fat is added to baby tea. For colds, add in very small amounts. It is recommended to drink tea hot.

The peoples of Asia, who have lived a nomadic life since time immemorial, invented many hearty rich dishes, including tea. Instead of butter, melted fat is often added to tail fat in the drink. It cleanses the lungs and cures serious chronic diseases. During his illness, Shokan Ualikhanov, a Kazakh scientist, was treated with such a drink, which prolonged his life.


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