4 grandma’s remedies for moths


We know well that grandmother’s remedies most of the time are the ones that work best. The secret of our grandmothers? Use natural, simple, and everyday products. Before, nothing was “thrown away” and the art of recycling, which has now become a fashion, has always had it inside.

Let’s go back to tradition 4 very simple remedies to get moths out of our closet:

Black pepper remedy

Put a small bowl full of black peppercorns in the back of the closet, it will protect your clothes from moths. Alternatively, you can pack small bags and put them in your coat pockets, in your drawers, or on your chest.
Necessary: a small bowl of black peppercorns.


Orange and clove against moths.

Glue the teeth on the orange with tape, hang it in your closet to dry. A good spicy perfume will spread throughout your closet.
Necessary: one orange, 20 teeth

Lavender and clove

This remedy is effective and fragrant. Put a bowl full of lavender and cloves in the back of the closet, in a drawer or on a dresser, it will protect your clothes from annoying moths, releasing a good cleaning smell. Also in this case it is possible to make gauze bags to store in the drawers.
Necessary: a handful of lavender, 20 cloves

Laurel and cinnamon

Create rows of bay leaves and cinnamon sticks with thread and needle to hang in cabinets. Your garments will be protected from parasites by releasing a delicious scent for a whole season.
Necessary: 15 bay leaves, 4 cinnamon sticks


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