6 interesting recipes, health benefits, contraindications


Tea with cognac is considered an aristocratic drink. In addition, it corresponds to both tea and cognac labels. Intimate conversations are held over a cup of this drink, thanks to which a pleasant atmosphere and a happy mood is created among the guests. The taste of the drink will not leave anyone indifferent, and the bouquet of aromas gives interest to such a product.

The benefits and harms of tea with cognac for the body

Tea with cognac in small amounts (1-2 cups a day) has a positive effect on the body. It is taken as a remedy for colds, especially effective when honey and linden are still added to the composition. Fights headaches and toothaches, helps fight insomnia and improves sleep quality. Acts as a muscle relaxant and sedative.

It also strengthens the immune system, promotes the rapid absorption of vitamin C in the body and improves resistance to viral diseases.

The damage from alcohol can be expressed in the effect on the cardiovascular system.

The stomach also has difficulty assimilating the drink, as heat and alcohol act simultaneously. Furthermore, the liver suffers.

But, of course, such negative consequences can occur only as a result of excessive use or in the presence of certain diseases. These include: diabetes mellitus, gastritis, high blood pressure, gallstone disease and a number of others. In the presence of such deviations, the use of this drink is contraindicated for one person.

Tea recipe with cognac

Tea with cognac
This drink has many different recipes.

Tea with cognac can be made from different varieties and types (black, green, herbal tea). There are different recipes for making this drink, consider the most common of them.

Classic tea with cognac

Black Tea
Black tea with cognac

This is the most common recipe that attracts with its simplicity and beneficial properties. For cooking you need 2 tsp. cognac, 1 tbsp. black leaves, long tea without additives, 2 lemon wedges and sugar (to taste). Add boiling water and cognac to a preheated teapot to brew.

Then the tea is poured into it. It is necessary to infuse the drink for at least 10 minutes. Then add lemon and sugar as desired. The classic version is ready to eat.

You can have a drink prepared according to this recipe at any time of the day.

It is especially recommended to take during colds, as it increases immunity and helps the body fight.

Tea with cognac and spices

Tea with cognac
Tea with cognac and spices has an excellent warming effect

To achieve a more refined taste and aroma, you can add spices. Elements such as cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, cloves, star anise, ginger and a number of others are perfectly combined with cognac. For cooking you need 1.5 tsp. black ceylon tea, 2 tsp. cognac and 4 tsp. mixtures of selected spices. Boil the spices separately in 200 ml. water for two minutes, let it brew.

Then add tea leaves and heat up to 80 degrees. Finally add the cognac, strain the resulting mass and let it brew for 10 minutes. The drink is ready to drink! This drink has a warming effect, it also helps with insomnia and sleep disorders. For this reason, it is best to drink it at night so that nothing bothers you during the long-awaited rest.


Tea with cognac and citrus

With citrus
Cognac and lemon tea are a popular beverage for the treatment of cold symptoms

The combination, unusual at first glance, conveys a fantastic range of flavors and aromas. Cognac goes well with lemon, lime and orange. During preparation, the above citrus fruits can be used both together or separately.

The classic recipe in this version is as follows. First you need to prepare 150 g of orange juice, 150 ml. infusions of black tea, 4 teaspoons cognac, a slice of lime and sugar if desired. Boil the mixture of orange juice and tea. Remove from the heat, let it brew for two minutes. Add cognac, lime and sugar as desired and the drink is ready to drink.

Ideal for fighting colds and viruses, as well as boosting immunity.

There are no recommendations for use, therefore pit tea prepared in this way is possible at any time of the day.

Herbal tea with cognac

Herbal tea with cognac
In such tea you can add brandy to increase the effect of herbs.

An aromatic tea with rich varieties for variety. You can add herbs like oregano, rosemary, thyme. For cooking you need to cook 3 tsp. cognac, 2 tsp. tea leaves, a mixture of herbs and sugar or honey if desired. Pour 200 ml into the teapot. water, add cognac and herbs there.

Let it brew for 2 minutes. Add tea leaves and leave the drink alone for another 10 minutes. Then you can use it. It is recommended to drink this tea before going to bed, as it has a positive effect on the nervous system: it calms and relaxes it.

Tea with cognac, milk and honey

Tea with cognac
Tea with cognac and milk helps relieve fatigue after a hard day

The combination of seemingly opposite things destroys even the most discerning connoisseurs. The cooking process consists of several steps. First, it is worth preparing milk and honey, melting each other in advance. While the solution has not cooled, add 2 tsp. cognac.

Then the resulting mixture is poured into brewed tea and heated to 80 degrees.

You can drink the drink at any time of the day. It helps with colds, coughs and other consequences of acute respiratory infections.

It also relieves toothache and headaches, improves immunity. The benefits of this tea for the body can not be underestimated.

Green tea with cognac

Green tea with cognac
Few people know, but brandy is also added to green tea.

A very simple recipe that does not require much effort. For cooking you need 150 ml. freshly brewed green tea, lemon peel, nutmeg or other spice and 3 tsp. cognac. Boil tea and spices to taste.

Strain the resulting solution through the cheesecloth, add brandy and let the drink brew for 3-4 minutes.

This tea gives you peace of mind, helps you relax and has warming properties. Recommended for use before bed or on a busy day.

It is also perfect for gray and cold days when you really want warmth and comfort.

Tea and cognac are an excellent combination for those who like unusual aromas and flavors. There are many recipes with such ingredients. And the best part is that you can experiment with the parts yourself. This allows you to choose the option that suits each person personally, while there is no limit to the imagination.


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