6 recipes for linden tea and health benefits

Lipa has been revered for a long time. Previously, it was planted closer to churches and temples. At the birth of a child, it was common to plant a tree, it served as a talisman for a small child. Linden tea is known for its high content of vitamins – phytoncides, flavonoids, essential oil, ascorbic acid, tannins. For linden blossom tea to be useful, you need to know about the methods of collecting and drying raw materials, brewing and using it.

The benefits of linden tea for the body and contraindications

Every year in July, when we walk in the park or around the city, you hear the sweet scent of flowering linden

The rich content of nutrients in the drink allows you to use it for various diseases. The benefits are as follows:

  • relieves inflammation in urinary tract problems;
  • lowers the temperature;
  • cures dry cough, increases the secretion of mucus with inflammation of the bronchi and lungs;
  • improves the function of the heart and blood vessels;
  • reduces the pressure
  • soothes headaches.
  • improves metabolic and digestive processes.
  • normalizes sleep.

Lindenblomstte calms women during the climate period, helps with pain and cycling disorders. Strengthens the immune system for pregnant women and children, relaxes and calms. Obese people normalize digestion.

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