6 recipes for linden tea and health benefits

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Lipa has been revered for a long time. Previously, it was planted closer to churches and temples. At the birth of a child, it was common to plant a tree, it served as a talisman for a small child. Linden tea is known for its high content of vitamins – phytoncides, flavonoids, essential oil, ascorbic acid, tannins. For linden blossom tea to be useful, you need to know about the methods of collecting and drying raw materials, brewing and using it.

The benefits of linden tea for the body and contraindications

Every year in July, when we walk in the park or around the city, you hear the sweet scent of flowering linden

The rich content of nutrients in the drink allows you to use it for various diseases. The benefits are as follows:

  • relieves inflammation in urinary tract problems;
  • lowers the temperature;
  • cures dry cough, increases the secretion of mucus with inflammation of the bronchi and lungs;
  • improves the function of the heart and blood vessels;
  • reduces the pressure
  • soothes headaches.
  • improves metabolic and digestive processes.
  • normalizes sleep.

Lindenblomstte calms women during the climate period, helps with pain and cycling disorders. Strengthens the immune system for pregnant women and children, relaxes and calms. Obese people normalize digestion.

Drink the drink in moderation, do not exceed the norm. It is not recommended to drink it every day so as not to harm the body. Take it as a diuretic for a maximum of 3 weeks so as not to cause leaching of nutrients from the body. To lose weight, they only drink for 10 days so that the body does not get used to it. Frequent use causes heart failure. It is not recommended to use the drink for allergies and individual intolerance to raw materials.

Rules for collecting linden blossoms for tea

Linden flowers are rich in: vitamin C, carotene, coumarin, flavonoids, saponins, essential oils, tannins and other useful substances

Linden flowers are harvested during the first half of the summer in the forest, away from roads and the city. The collection of raw materials is carried out before lunch in dry weather, after the dew has dried.

Collect half-blooming flowers for drying. Fading flowers are no longer harvested. For substances for future use, choose a tree without diseases and pests.

Wipe away from the sun in a dark, dry and ventilated place. Spread the collection evenly on a cloth or on clean paper. Dried for 2-3 days and mixed the ingredients regularly.

Can be dried in an electric dryer. Drying is carried out for about 7-8 hours at a temperature of 40-45 ° C.

Dried raw materials are stored in paper bags, in cloth bags in a ventilated area for a maximum of 3 years. They are no longer stored so as not to lose nutrients.

Recipe for the right linden tea

Lime flowers are mostly used to make tea.

Making tea from linden flowers is not difficult. For a liter of boiled water with a temperature of 95 ° C, add a quarter of a glass of dried ingredients and leave for about 20 minutes.

It is added when you brew black tea, to any flower drink, if there is no allergy. Brewed in combination with honey, lemon.

Refreshing tea with linden and honey

Taking linden tea with Ivan tea has a positive effect on the female body

To prepare a refreshing drink, use a collection of dried ingredients of raspberries, Ivan tea and linden in a ratio of 2: 2: 1. Pour a tablespoon of the herb mixture with a liter of boiling water. For about 15 minutes, insist and filter. Add honey if desired, you can sweeten it by adding granulated sugar.

A refreshing drink with linden flowers is brewed from chopped or grated ginger. For weight loss, it is recommended to brew a drink with green tea.

Aromatically wrapped

Fragrant mint linden tea refreshes well in the summer heat

Flavored linden tea is prepared as follows:

  1. Mix tea leaves with linden flowers and mint leaves in a ratio of 2: 1: 1.
  2. Boil a liter of water and pour the mixture.
  3. Insist for about ten minutes.
  4. Drink sweetened with honey or sugar.

How to brew a healthy linden infusion

Linden is rich in essential oils, thanks to which we feel the wonderful scent of flowers

Take three tablespoons of dried ingredients, pour 250 g of warm water and keep for 15 minutes in a water bath. Remove from the heat, cover and cool. The broth is filtered. Pour boiled water into it and get it to the original volume. They drink it hot, a glass three times a day.

The infusion is medicinal. It has antimicrobial properties, frees the body from excess fluid, lowers body temperature.

Classically wrapped

In combination with honey, linden flowers have powerful antiviral properties, and therefore linden is simply irreplaceable at the first symptoms of a cold.

The composition of the classic drink:

  • One liter of boiled water;
  • 30 grams of linden flowering;
  • darling to taste.

Flowers are poured with boiling water for 10-15 minutes, insisted and filtered. Honey is added at will. They drink it hot instead of regular tea.

In combination with lemon balm and St. John’s wort, linden actively fights stress

Soothing lintte

The soothing collection consists of dried linden flowers, lemon balm and St. John’s wort in a ratio of 1: 1: 1. All components are mixed and brewed. Take a teaspoon of the herb mixture per glass of boiling water.

Linden infusion for colds

Linden tea with chamomile and mother-and-stepmother is especially useful in the onset of cold weather, when there is a risk of colds

For colds, brew an infusion of the following composition:

  • boiling water – 1 liter;
  • linden flowers – 25 grams;
  • plantain leaf – 20 grams;
  • rosehip – 10 grams;
  • mother and stepmother – 10 grams;
  • chamomile flowers – 5 grams;
  • honey.

The mixture of herbs is poured with boiling water and infused for about ten minutes. Drink with honey. Herbal decoction is used as a remedy for colds, helps to reduce body temperature.

Vitamin-linden tea with rosehips

Tea can strengthen weakened immunity

The vitamin drink contains:

  • 500 g of boiled water;
  • one and a half tablespoons dried rosehips;
  • a teaspoon of dried lime flowers;
  • a tablespoon of honey.

Rosehips are mixed with dry linden flowers. In the evening, pour in warm water, keep for ten minutes on low heat. Then pour the broth into a jar, covered with gauze or a thin cloth in 4-5 layers. To infuse, keep the broth in a dark place for about 12 hours. Then the drink is filtered, the raw material is squeezed out. Add honey to the finished drink, mix. They drink hot. Adults are advised to consume two glasses a day, children – one glass. The finished drink is not stored for long, it is necessary to drink the broth per day.

Vitamin tea becomes even more tasty with honey and lemon

A medicinal drink with linden and rosehip is recommended to be taken in case of loss of strength and lack of vitamins in the body.

If brewed properly and consumed in moderation, this aromatic drink will only benefit. It helps you refresh and restore strength, replenish vitamin deficiencies and recover faster after a cold. Drinking a cup of medicated linden tea in the evening allows you to quickly fall asleep and wake up vigorously in the morning.

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