9 recipes, benefits and harms, how to drink properly at a temperature and during pregnancy


Tea with honey is a healthy, tasty and affordable drink. It is easy to cook, no expensive ingredients are needed. The most important thing is to choose the right recipe (or several), take into account the contraindications and never add honey in boiling water so that it does not lose its unique healing properties.

The benefits of tea with honey for the body

Honey tea has many beneficial properties that you may be interested in. The:

  1. Improved visual acuity.
  2. Cleaning, toning the body, relieving hangovers.
  3. Elimination of toxins and weight loss.
  4. Fight insomnia.
  5. Prevention of infectious, colds.
You must make sure that there is no allergy to honey before consuming it

It is best to use the product in one piece – hot tea simply destroys all its beneficial properties, in any case, you need to carefully monitor the temperature of the drink. You should not drink tea before going out, as honey has pronounced diaphoretic properties. With diabetes, allergies, extra caution will not hurt either. Also make sure that there is no individual intolerance to the product so as not to harm the body. During pregnancy, honey is not only recommended for expectant mothers, it is shown to them. Of course within reasonable limits – 2-3 teaspoons a day.

Honey recipe

There are many recipes for tea with honey – you have to choose the one that suits your taste and do not forget that high temperatures destroy the beneficial properties of the beekeeping product.

Tea with honey and rosehips

Rosehip tea helps to efficiently and quickly remove excess cholesterol from the body

Rosehip is a healing berry, it will be useful for the whole family. Not only fruit but also flowers and leaves are used to prepare tea. Rosehips contain a lot of vitamin C and substances that normalize the work of the gastrointestinal tract.

Grind a tablespoon of fresh or dry berries, pour 500 ml of boiling water over them, let it brew. It is best to use a thermos for these purposes, the infusion time is about 6 hours. Now dilute with water one by one and add a couple of teaspoons of honey. It is an ideal morning drink that tones, stimulates and stimulates.

Lingonberry with honey

The berry is strongly solitary, but when combined with honey, its healing qualities increase 2-3 times

Lingonberry is also a healthy berry. In their pure form, not everyone likes it and gives the drinks a spice and recognizable taste. Lingonberry contains a lot of vitamins, trace elements, so during the winter season such a drink is simply irreplaceable.

Grind or crush a tablespoon of berries, pour boiling water over and method of infusing. You can add green, black leaves or chamomile, one teaspoon of honey per cup. Fresh berries insist for about an hour; dried berries need more time. The recipe of the drink is perfect for the morning, lunch, lingonberry tea is used in the treatment of colds, in winter as a means of fortification.

Green tea with honey and conditioner

Tea is poured into cups and then a small amount of conditioner is added

Green tea has a rich trace element, vitamin composition and will be more beneficial to health than black tea. If you add honey to the finished drink, its positive properties will be more pronounced. This tea removes toxins, quenches thirst, activates digestive processes, strengthens the heart muscle and increases hemoglobin content.

To make a drink, brew the tea, cool it down, add a teaspoon of conditioner and honey per cup. Drinking it is good before bed.

Green and black tea with honey

A mixture of green and black tea with honey for an amateur, but many like

Green and black tea can be mixed – you get an unusually refreshing and tonic combination. Not everyone likes it, but you can try to draw your own conclusions. Take a tablespoon of black and green leaves for one and a half liters of water, brew, insist. When the drink has cooled to room temperature, add honey to it.

Because tea is very refreshing, you should not drink it before bed. You can also add lemon.


Cranberry honey tea

Such a cure helps with high blood pressure, kidney disease, diabetes, colds and depression.

Cranberries, like lingonberries and sea buckthorn, are a natural source of vitamins and useful trace elements. It is used to make tea fresh and dried – depending on what is available. Honey removes the characteristic acidity, which not everyone likes, and softens the taste.

Pour boiling water over a spoonful of berries, let stand. Then dilute with water one by one; instead of water you can use herb or black, green tea. Add honey to the drink itself or serve in a separate bowl.

Tea with honey and spices

Tea with honey and spices improves immunity, resists colds, strengthens health

Spices are added not only to various dishes but also to beverages. For example, tea with spices speeds up the metabolism, improves well-being and strengthens the immune system. For honey tea you can take:

  • ginger;
  • cardamom;
  • clove;
  • cinnamon;
  • nutmeg.

Green tea is usually used as a base. You can only take one or more spices at a time, the most important thing is not to overdo it. Spices are added to the teapot during the infusion of the drink or boiled on low heat. A refreshing drink is not desirable to use only before bedtime. You can read how to brew good tea on our website.

Tea with honey with citrus

Very often in the European part of the world they drink tea with the addition of citrus fruits and thus change not only the color of the tea but also the taste

Citrus fruits tone up and are the most important source of vitamin C. Tea with them is an excellent drink against colds, fatigue and just for any occasion. You can apply:

  • lemon, orange, grapefruit juice;
  • mandarin peel, orange;
  • slices of mandarin.

Add citrus fruits to black or green tea, add honey only when the water has cooled. The dried crusts must first be allowed to brew.

Tea with honey and herbs

A glass of chamomile tea with honey half an hour before meals helps to establish bowel function, prevent constipation and improve well-being

Medicinal herbs in combination with honey work twice as hard. It is best to buy them at pharmacies. Herbs are used in the same way as black or green tea – you need to brew a couple of tablespoons of 500 ml of boiling water and then cool and add honey. The most important options are:

The herb can be used nicely or mixed with tea leaves in a one-to-one ratio. Drink the drink at any time of the day and take into account the characteristics of a particular herb – for example, linden cures a cold and mint soothes.

Tea with milk and honey

Honey and milk are a healing combination for colds. The most important thing is to add both products to the finished tea and not the other way around.

Once the tea has been brewed, add milk and honey there

First brew a tablespoon of black leaves, let the drink cool. Add 50 ml for each cup and tablespoon of honey. Drink it hot for dinner or several times a day for a cold.


Honey is a natural product rich in vitamins and other valuable substances. It tones, cleanses, treats colds, gives strength in chronic fatigue, is suitable for making drinks with leaves, herbs, berries. The most important thing is to avoid honey coming into contact with boiling water.


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