9 recipes that describe the preparation, benefits and harms of the drink

China is considered the birthplace of tea, but the idea of ​​adding apples or branches from an apple tree to a drink has its origins in ancient Russia. There are benefits and harms: an apple drink strengthens, quenches thirst better than juice, provides strength and is easy to prepare. To get gustatory and aesthetic pleasure, however, you need to know a few subtleties to prepare a drink.

The benefits of apple fruits for the body

Ordinary apples are nutritious and healthy, there are a lot of vitamins and minerals in the skin and pulp
Ordinary apples are nutritious and healthy, there are a lot of vitamins and minerals in the skin and pulp

With the addition of dried fruit or fresh fruit to tea, useful micro- and macro-elements do not lose their medicinal properties. After losing the fruit, vitamin C is released into the liquid, so the tea has a slight acidity in the aftertaste.


Among other things, apple tea improves immunity. The antioxidants contained in the infusion increase the body’s ability to suppress mild colds or flu. Apple tea contains up to 45 mg of caffeine per 200 ml, which is one cup. Drinking this infusion in the morning gives energy and in a good mood for 8-12 hours. There are few contraindications.

Apple tea is contraindicated for those with citrus allergies, pregnant and lactating women.

Apple tea is useful for patients with osteoarthritis, neurological or muscle diseases. Quercetin is found in the fruit mass, which fights cancer cells. After drinking apple tea for a week, the cholesterol level in the body returns to normal or decreases.

Apples contain fiber, which normalizes intestinal function. An infusion of twigs and dried fruits cleanses the body, removes toxins, increases the body’s endurance.

Rules for collecting ingredients for apple tea

You should carefully prepare for picking apples: pick up a tool, clean containers and store, plan the rules of procedure

To make the drink aromatic and healthy, you need to mix the ingredients correctly. It is worth considering the rules for collecting ingredients for a drink:

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