Adf: “The green card and vaccination obligation should also be extended to intermediate distribution”


Rome, 6 January – Employees of the pharmaceutical intermediate distribution, which is one of the most critical sectors for the country, must be adequately protected, as are those of thearmacie, also extending the scope of the vaccination obligation to them. This is the request that Ornella Bara (in the picture), president of the ADF, the association of distributors of pharmaceutical products, went to the government yesterday before the meeting of the Council of Ministers that is called to discuss the issue.

“The protection of the safety of the people working in our companies, who perform a basic public service as recognized by the Community Medicines Code (Legislative Decree No. 219/2006), is necessary to continue to guarantee the full operation of the service without vacation” writes Barra. “And that is why we consider it appropriate to repeat the appeal to the Government so that our staff can be equated with the operators in the pharmacies, where there is already the obligation to vaccinate.”

The measure, the ADF president explains, is necessary to avoid the risk of interruptions in the delivery service to pharmacies, parapharmacies, hospitals, nursing homes and laboratories for the analysis of medicines, vaccines and other products that citizens need. The operators work daily with pharmacists and guarantee in every region of the country more than 90,000 daily deliveries of medicines, vaccines and health products, necessary for the full implementation of public health projects.


“Intermediate distributors, along with pharmacies, have been among the protagonists of the emergency and continue to be in the fight against the pandemic. Our companies are now operationally involved in regional protocols for the distribution of vaccines against Covid.” Barra adds, to conclude with the hope “that the government will implement”the most appropriate measures to support the crucial role of intermediaries “.

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