Agricultural pharmacies, the resources for the implementation of services can be requested from today


Rome, 29 December – Posted on the Territorial Cohesion Agency website large“Public announcement for the allocation of funds for the unification of agricultural pharmacies. The initiative, which is limited to subsidized rural pharmacies, is part of the interventions of the National Plan for Recovery and Sustainability with the aim of expanding, strengthening and improving local health care, by implementing the availability of services in the region.

There are different types of interventions (The list of which you can consult here) including the reorganization and implementation of the drug distribution and storage area, participation in the care of the chronically ill, also through home care projects, the strengthening of telemedicine services.


The announcement provides for the granting of contributions once non-repayable capital, which can cover up to two thirds of the total cost of the investment, set at the maximum amount of € 44,260.00: disbursement until the available resources are exhausted

The application for participation in the announcement by pharmacies must be completed from today, December 29 to June 30, 2022 exclusively through the following platform https: //

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