Anti-Covid drugs, France denies molnupiravir and focuses on Paxlovid


Rome, December 24 – France canceled orders (50,000 doses) of molnupiravir, the antiviral pill against Covid produced by Merck & Co, after unsatisfactory data. experimentation, which pushed the French government to change course and turn in its direction Paxlovid, the anti-Covid drug manufactured by Pfizer. “Recent studies have not been good” explained the Minister of Health Olivier Veran (in the picture) on Bfm Tv microphones, clarifying that the cancellation does not entail sanctions for Paris.

France is the first country to publicly announce the cancellation of orders for the drug manufactured by Merck, after the pharmaceutical company published a series of data in November that showed that the pill was less effective than previously estimated. In high-risk individuals, the Merck pill is believed to reduce the risk of hospitalization and death by approximately 30%. Merck has so far refused to make any statement about the French government’s decision.

The “misfortunes” of molnupiravir seem to pave the way for Paxlovid Pfizer, which has been shown to be 90% effective in preventing hospitalization and death in high-risk patients, but which (like molnupiravir itself) is still waiting for the green light from the EMA.


To fully understand the cold shower that the French recovery entailed for Merck, it is worth recalling that on December 10, the French Supreme National Health Authority (Has) authorized early access to molnupiravir treatment, which was intended to treat patients with mild and moderate forms of Covid and with at least one risk factor for the onset of severe disease. Now there is the reverse of the French Government, which has given no indication as to the quantity Paxlovid was purchased.

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