Booster dose after 5 months even for those who have been infected before or after vaccination


Rome, December 7 – Green light for the booster dose of the Covid vaccine, in the doses prescribed for it, for people who have been vaccinated and also have a coronavirus infection in their back. Whether they have recovered after being vaccinated, or have been vaccinated after the infection, the booster dose is appropriate for them. “Provided that a minimum period of at least five months (150 days) has elapsed since the last incident”, ie from “administration of the single / final dose “ of the vaccine or from “Diagnosis took place icontamination”.

This is clarified in the circular of the Ministry of Health signed by the Director General of Prevention Giovanni Reza (in the picture), issued yesterday, which provides precise details on the administration of the booster dose to citizens in the conditions and conditions just mentioned.

In the light of previous circulars and the opinion expressed by the Technical Scientific Committee on the Covid emergency, the document explains how to manage the booster dose for vaccinated patients, recalling the various situations that occur in this quota of individuals. In fact, there are people who have had the infection and have not been vaccinated within 12 months of recovery. For them, the circular points out, it is necessary to make a complete program of initial vaccination (two doses or one-dose vaccine). And then, there are people who become infected with Sars CoV 2 within 14 days of the first dose of the vaccine: it is advisable to complete the vaccination with a second dose within six months (180 days) of the documented infection.


“After a minimum period of at least five months (150 days) after the completion of the initial vaccination cycle” explains the circular “It is therefore appropriate to administer a booster dose, in the doses allowed for the same.”

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