Buffer records, the pharmacies: “Ridiculous situation, indecent to exclude us from the service”


Rome, December 24 – Eloquent images conveyed by television and newspapers: long lines of citizens in front of pharmacies in many cities (in the photo, four frames taken by SkyTg24) looking for a quick baton, with the inevitable set of protests and episodes of “nervousness” (so to speak) that make the test service provided by these managers more tedious and troublesome than it should be. In many cities – the media reported – the alarm has been activated, also because the difficulties in accessing the tampon translate into extremely dangerous delays in locating positive people and understandable ambiguities for those who are in quarantine due to some “suspicious contact” “And maybe he is struggling with the first symptoms.

The situation – determined by the violent resumption of infections by Covid, the relatively further “tightness” settled by the authorities’ countermeasures and the understandable desire to spend the Christmas holidays meeting relatives without worries – has inevitably eased again. the controversy over the need to implement a service that, according to the news, at least at the moment is no longer really able to meet the exponential increase in demand for tampons, despite the fact that some people spend themselves with confidence in this respect, even against all the evidence.
To raise their voices once again the representatives of the parapharmacies, who in a harsh press release issued yesterday by the National Movement of Free Pharmacists of Culpi and the National Federation of Italian Pharmacists, reiterate that, against the “indecent and dangerous long queues of citizens waiting for swabs in all Italian cities “, The “The decision to exclude parapharmacies from these examinations is scandalous.” especially after the repetitive e unheard of appeals to the government to increase the number of structures authorized to carry out the tests “.


In the Parliament and in the government, the unions explain with a note, there are some “interested parties”. that, despite the obvious difficulties of citizens finding a place to carry out the antigen test, no are reluctant to protect the financial interests of pharmacies “. write the representatives of the pharmacists, with a saying blame to from Vice President of the Chamber Andrea Mandelli, “It simply came to our notice then should represent all Italian pharmacists who are the president of his National Order, but which is in fact the first lobbyists in favor of pharmacies. Parapharmacies have within themselves the same graduates as pharmacies, the same technical equipment, the the same rules, but to favor specific interests are kept outside of help the population and run the swabs “.
Inevitably the Minister of Health ends up in the crosshairs of the abbreviations of the pharmacy Roberto Speranza (in the picture): “While the positive cases are increasing and the spread of Omicron is upon us, the Ministry of Health is also upon us. adapts to these logics, and instead of including “by force” and parapharmacies in this fight against virus, hides behind a shameful silence and, in fact, gives way to reasons that have nothing scientific, but a lot financially “.
“Not a single proposal of the Council of State, which challenged all the arguments put forward by the defenders exclusivity, was enough to change this “ridiculous” situation for which some pharmacists working in the pharmacy licensed to perform the test and others with the same degree but working in parapharmacies, on the contrary they can not do it “ conclude Mnlf-Culpi and Fnpi. Which once again ask those in charge to rectify this situation:The government intervenes, the minister intervenes, before the situation degenerates and the “The goodwill shown by the Italians is being bent by these irrational caste logics.”.

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