Cceps, restarts the disciplinary “appeal” for health professionals


Rome, January 11 – The Ministry of Health announces the re-establishment of Cceps, the central committee for the health professions, a body that decides on the actions of health professionals against disciplinary sanctions imposed by provincial orders and whose members are appointed by decree Chairman of the Council of Ministers – remain in office for four years.

The previous Commission expired at the end of 2020, suspending pending appeals and thus rendering ineffective sanctions against health professionals, who could continue to practice even if they were subject to disciplinary sanctions that had not yet been implemented.

He was appointed effective president Elena Stanizzi, TAR Advisor for Lazio in Rome, Vice President Paolo Severini, advisor to the Campania Tar of Salerno, while the members appointed by the Supreme Health Council are Marco Montorsi (effective) e Marco Ferrari (alternative).

For the examination of matters concerning the profession of pharmacist the members appointed by the Federation of Classes of Italian Pharmacists are Roberto Cadeddu, Michele Dalfino Spinelli, Ferdinando Maria De Francesco, Giovanni Gerosa And Angela Pellacchi (effective members) e Giuseppe Castello, Antonino D’Alessandro, Enrica Quinzio, Francesco Rastrelli And Francesco Settembrini (alternate members).


Therefore, Cceps will be able to return to fully exercise the function of the “appellate” for health professionals, examining and deciding on their appeals against the decisions taken by the disciplinary committees of the various provincial classes. In this way, as he argues in a note posted on the Fnomceo websitethe president of doctors Filippo Anelli, “There is a path of regularity that will allow health professionals to exercise their right to defense and to see their disciplinary activity fully expressed”.

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