Chips, third doses and flu vaccines: pharmacies enter the field

Marche, terze dosi e vaccini antinfluenzali: le farmacie scendono in campo

Rome, November 23 – Even pharmacies in the Marche region are ready to take the field with flu vaccinations, combining this activity with that already underway for the Covid vaccine, even in the third installment for all the eligible population groups. this service.

“We are ready to make our contribution to the area, where we are often the first local presence in the area” states in a note Andrea Avitabile, President of Federfarma Marche (in the picture), the effective development of Community pharmacies in the forefront of seasonal flu, which this year is projected to be more contagious than in previous years, realizing that they can play an important role in preventing. “LARGEthe last year there were few infections due to reduced social activity, travel bans and the widespread use of masks“Avitabile explains, but this year the story will be very different, as already reported in the weekly bulletins of the InfluNet surveillance network, which in the first weeks of observation recorded a frequency of more than four times the incidence of influenza syndromes compared to last year. .

“This year it will be necessary to protect the fragile people who, more than others, are at serious risk if they become infected” confirmed by the President of Federfarma Marche, who commented positively on the agreement to be reached with the Marche Region on “Authorize pharmacies – at least 125 in the area – to give the flu vaccine to citizens who are in the risk range from 1 December 2021 to be paid by the national health service and, possibly, for a fee to those outside the risk range, they still want to protect themselves. “

“We also continue to give the Covid vaccine (more than 40,000 doses have been given in pharmacies), even in the third dose” adds Avitabile, underlining the consensus gained from these activities, “confirming the fact that if citizens can choose, they are more likely to be vaccinated by their trusted pharmacist, as a matter of accessibility, trust, personal relationships “.

Marco Mekoni, vice-president and regional representative of agricultural pharmacies, stresses that “This method of vaccination in pharmacies will also be increasingly useful for the recovery of those, often elderly or undecided, who have not yet been vaccinated due to their distance from vaccination centers and hospitals. “On this front, pharmacies, including rural ones, can continue to do an excellent job, establishing themselves as a link between the population and health services.”

After screening activities such as rapid swabs and serological tests, pharmacies have shown which resources represent their professionalism and capillary capacity in the Covid vaccination campaign. Now, with the next flu campaign, confirmation of the validity of the pharmacy service model, which allows Community pharmacies and pharmacists to make their professional experience available to local citizens, contributing to the necessary development of local healthcare.

For Avitabile “The overlap of Covid and influenza viruses must be avoided, vaccinations must be carried out, Marche pharmacies are increasingly ready, on the side of the people, to give a significant acceleration in the fight against the pandemic.”.

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