Christmas ebook: download the holiday menu


Sparkling lights that illuminate the streets, curious eyes in search of the sweet face of Santa Claus, lit fireplaces that warm the living rooms, an old movie, a blanket, a hot chocolate and all the magic that the Christmas holidays bring with them. Christmas is truly a magical period, one that can transport even the most skeptical to the world of good humor! It is probably for many the only opportunity to meet friends and relatives after a whole year, to spend time with their family or loved ones, which routine contributes to neglect …

These words come directly fromChristmas ebook that I and many other food blogger colleagues (which you find listed in the ebook) have created and thought of giving you in view of the Christmas holidays! It is a ebook downloadable for free which contains recipes of all kinds and perfect needs to serve a Christmas or New Year. The creator is Marianna of the blog “Recipes of the world” who wanted the contribution of 10 food bloggers, including me, for the creation of a super ebook to consult whenever you want!

Find my Millefoglie recipe in the ebook!
Find my recipe for ricotta meatballs with sauce at the intent of the ebook!

The ebook is divided into Land Menu, Sea Menu and Vegetarian Menu, in short, it is a collection rich in taste and goodness! Click on the file below to get it right away for free and you will find out what we have reserved for you:


Waiting for the best day of the year, I just have to wish you good reading!

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