Coffee at night

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Coffee at nightMany coffee lovers wonder, “Can I have coffee in the evening?” It is difficult to answer this question unambiguously. It all depends on your state of health, as well as your chronotype. Ask, what is this new word? You, of course, are familiar with the “owl” and “early riser” types of people and probably consider yourself one of these types. Scientists have conducted studies on people who most often drink coffee at night in an attempt to extend the day, that is. in students.
You should not drink a lot of coffee during the day, if you like to wake up with the sun, and at eleven at night you already see a dream with one eye. During the observation, it turned out that “larks” suffer from insomnia and restless sleep due to high levels of caffeine in the body. If the peak of its activity falls in the second half of the day, and the most hated enemy is an alarm clock, then the question “can I have coffee at night?” it doesn’t even stand up in front of you. You can drink it without fear of insomnia.
If you still can’t decide on the chronotype, but you definitely love this stimulating and at the same time relaxing drink, you can periodically indulge in this little pleasure. The aroma of coffee has been found to have a calming effect on many people. When a person relaxes and smiles, inhaling the acidic aroma of roasted coffee beans, endorphins are produced in their body, relieving them of stress. In general, it is accepted that caffeine, especially in the morning, is a micro-stress for a person. So how can you enjoy your favorite beverage without traumatizing your set-up?
Coffee at nightFirst, you need to drink coffee in the evening and in the morning with milk, which softens the effect of caffeine and reduces the acidity of the drink. Second, keep track of the amount of sugar and cream. On its own, coffee doesn’t do much harm to the body, but cream and sugar are extra calories and a burden on the liver and pancreas. Third, if you drink coffee at night, in small portions. Remember that a classic espresso has 100 ml.
For those who have a stressful job, busy and uneven work schedule, and possibly insomnia, when asked “can I have coffee at night?” We will respond: “In no case”. Also, if you feel constant stress and irritation, we recommend that you stop drinking coffee for a while. Surely the concentration of caffeine in your body is already critical, so the pressure and stress will go away on their own as soon as you stop doing it.

Coffee at night

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