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Coffee with milk: what is it? Myth or Reality? Is white the color of the finished drink or the way the beans are processed? This type of coffee is familiar to some fans of the aromatic drink, so let’s find out. We tell you all about coffee with milk!
coffee with milkFirst of all, it should be noted that the term “latte” currently covers a very wide range of coffee products. For example, both natural coffee and any coffee substitute can be called white. This type of coffee is very widespread throughout the world, however, in different countries, coffee with milk is often understood as completely different drinks. A separate group is made up of the types of coffee that have been nicknamed “white” because of their color. For example, in many English-speaking countries, coffee with milk is the name given to a traditional black drink, to which milk, cream or other, say, “whitening agents” are added that affect the final color. of the drink. However, the term café con leche can baffle the citizens of the United States, who are used to calling this type of coffee with “lye” light (light coffee) or café con leche (coffee with milk). café au lait (translated as And New Englanders call this drink “café regular” (regular coffee). By the way, latte varieties with added cream are often referred to as “creamers” in the US In addition to milk or cream, corn syrup or nut syrup is sometimes added as a sweetener. It should be noted separately that the so-called café con leche should not be confused in any way with the traditional French drink called café au lait (translated as “coffee with milk”), which is prepared using exclusively hot milk.
So, as noted above, different countries understand the term “latte” in different ways. Consequently, at the moment there are several varieties of this drink, which are very different from each other in their properties. We propose to take a virtual trip through the states that are famous for their outstanding varieties of coffee with milk. The first “destination” will be Lebanon.

Lebanese latte is the best baida!

The Lebanese claim that they know everything about coffee with milk and its properties. Lebanese coffee is called “ahweh bayda” (yahweh bayda). Despite the seemingly dissonant name, this drink is quite a fragrant and invigorating liquid. By the way, the word “baida” can be translated as “white” or “clean”. Lebanese latte is a water-based decaffeinated drink with orange blossom extract and a small amount of sugar. Popular wisdom is that Lebanese latte has a calming and relaxing effect on the human body.

Lebanese latte:

Legendary Malaysian Latte
Legendary Malaysian LattePerhaps one of the brightest representatives of the varieties of coffee with milk is an interesting drink from Malaysia. In this country, coffee with milk is traditionally prepared in the famous city of Ipoh, and the drink itself is called “Ipoh coffee” (from its place of origin). Ipohsky latte coffee is prepared according to a special technology, proven by several generations of gourmets: the coffee beans are fried in palm oil margarine and then boiled and served with condensed milk. However, it is now common for local coffee growers to mix powdered coffee with non-dairy creamer and sugar and then pass the resulting three-in-one product as traditional Malaysian latte. Such mixes are packaged in bags of various sizes (15-40 grams), which are widely dispersed among office workers and housewives in Malaysia as convenient and easy-to-make drinks. However, the health benefits of instant latte are in doubt, but that’s another story.
Malaysia: Pak Kopi / Kopi Putih / Bai Ka-feMany tourists arriving in Malaysia find the taste of traditional margarine roasted Ipoh coffee somewhat unusual due to its slight caramel flavor. Therefore, especially for guests, Malaysian producers create another type of coffee, masquerading as white. This type of coffee includes common or robust arabica, lightly roasted without margarine until it is light in color. It should be understood that these types of Malaysian coffee do not belong to the traditional Malaysian white variety.

American latte
American latteIn the United States of America, coffee with milk also refers to a beverage made from coffee beans roasted to a light golden color. From these beans in the United States, espresso is most often made with a fine yellowish head and bright acidity. The golden-colored coffee beans are practically not used in the preparation of normal coffee. For a long time, American experts and analysts have argued that latte has a much higher level of caffeine than traditional black coffee, but scientists have not reached a consensus on this issue. Since the roasting time for coffee beans with milk is noticeably shorter than the traditional roasting time, the taste of the drink is very different from the taste of regular coffee. It does not have a strong bitterness, but there are different nuances of nutty and a pronounced acidity.

Yemeni “raw” coffee
Yemeni coffee Another form of latte is considered a popular drink in Yemen. When brewing, the coffee beans are roasted very lightly or not roasted at all, but simply dried. Then various spices, such as dried ginger and wheat grains, are added to the coffee to thicken it. Yemeni latte with ginger is made in a traditional way and is sometimes seasoned for flavor. Some researchers and nutritionists have noted that Yemeni latte with ginger has a positive effect on human health, performance, and weight loss during dieting. The latest property of the Yemeni drink was appreciated by modern women who drink coffee with milk to lose weight.

coffee with milkSo, in conclusion, it is worth summarizing all of the above. Coffee can be white due to both the production method (ie roasting) and various “whitening” additives such as milk and cream. Coffee made by lightly roasting the beans to a golden-yellow color is the most striking representative of the white varieties. This type of regular black drink is undoubtedly quite exotic, and the taste of latte is noticeably different from the traditional bittersweet taste of black coffee. However, coffee with milk has long found its admirers among gourmets around the world. You can also join the fans of this unique drink by ordering from our online store. You can buy exotic latte from us without leaving your home, and for additional information on delivery times and payment methods for products, please contact the employees of our online store.

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