Colors have the power! (Re) find harmony with chromotherapy

Colored floating candles

Expressions like “I’m scared blue”, “I’m green with envy” or “Red with shame” have always belonged to the common lexicon and express our different moods in a perfect way to say the least.

But what is the truth link between colors, emotions and health? The colors really have a therapeutic action on the mind and body? The answer is yes!

There chromotherapy is an alternative medicine, with a very ancient tradition, that investigates and uses the power of colors to restore proper balance and improve psychophysical health. Let’s find out how!

Color is energy

Whether you are a total lover of black or if you prefer a multicolored look, it is undeniable to say that colors are an integral part of our life, especially at the “physical” level. So what are they really? From a scientific point of view, the so-called “white” light is the simultaneous presence of all the visible wavelengths that compose it and that vibrate with different frequencies and wavelengths. Color is nothing more than the visual perception of the different electromagnetic radiation included in the so-called visible spectrum.

One can somehow conclude that the colors they are matter, life, power, that our body can absorb, not only visually, but also chemically and psychically.

Each color has its own power

According to chromotherapy, each color has a specific power and therapeutic function, let’s see which ones:

  • The Red: for the ancient synonymous with blood and fire, it is nothing more than the emblem par excellence ofpower
    vital and of passion. Its power is to improve blood circulation and have a positive effect on the nervous system and glands of the body.
  • The blue: in a way, it is in antithesis with the color red. In chromotherapy, blue has calming power. Its function is to calm and calm the soul and inflammation.
  • The yellow: color of the sun, also a source of energy, represents the intellectual part of the brain. It is indicated to improve reflexes and promote concentration and digestion.
  • The green: and the color par excellence of harmony and nature. It helps to relax the nervous system, restoring calm and inner balance.

Chromotherapy: how to absorb colors

To benefit more from the colors, it is not enough to observe them, it is necessary to “absorb” them … But how? Our body can take on and absorb colors in different ways, not just through our eyes.

  • the Sun: source of life and energy, it already contains in its light the entire spectrum of colors, which radiates in our body through the skin.
  • Clothing: clothing is important, not only for an aesthetic fact, which undoubtedly helps self-esteem and self-awareness, but also to materially wear one or more colors and thus benefit from its therapeutic power.
  • I’ve never heard of differentiated power supply for colors? The chromatic power is expressed not only in the psychic influence of the color itself, but also in the intake of certain foods associated with specific nutritional properties (blueberries and raspberries, with shades of red, are, for example, indicated to improve the la blood circulation).
  • Massages, light filtered showers or baths with oils and color pigmentsWhat better way to absorb colors than through direct skin contact? Yes, therefore, to a “pigmented” massage, a colored shower or a relaxing bath with colored oils and essences!

… And then, as Cindy Lauper sang: “I see your true colors shining”: we are ourselves a source of light and color!


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