Controversy over Ffp2 deal, Assofarm: “Stefano Feltri is wrong”


Rome, January 5 – The first, short answer to the editorial that Stefano Feltri, publisher of the newspaper Tomorrow posted by Carlo De Benedetti, dedicated to the pharmacy-commissioner structure agreement for the controlled price of Ffp2 masks (our newspaper he mentioned it here).

The controlled price of Ffp2 masks does not certify the superiority of politics over the logic of economics “. This is the conclusion of Feltri, who essentially distills and restores the meaning of the whole piece “But submitting it to those rental companies (and votes).”

In evaluation and evaluations payment of the journalist (in whose study program ten years have passed a Everyday event, where he was responsible for the economy and then deputy director), Assofarm, the association of public pharmacies with a chairman Venanzio Gizzi, one of the three industries that have signed the Ffp2 price agreement. Who did not hesitate to take up the sword to respond with the same kind to Feltri, “pleased” immediately by three adjectives-vertical: uninformed, ideological, offensive.

According to Assofarm, this should be believed by those who – referring to the Ffp2 controlled price agreement – compare it to “An amazing communication campaign that so far has had the unique effect of making Italians believe that the pharmacy is the place to buy masks at the lowest possible price (this is not true) thanks to an intervention by the law (so far to no avail).) ”, Incorrect description of the concept of the transaction and its liquidation as “misleading advertisement”, with savings for the citizens “Everything to prove” and on the contrary obvious benefits for pharmacies “Who will have a further influx of customers”.

For the abbreviation of public pharmacies, talk about misleading advertising “It is incomprehensible. No one has ever said that this initiative will produce the lowest price on the market. The final meaning of the project, on the other hand, is to make Ffp2 masks available with very high protection and traceability in about 20,000 land centers at a price of about half the price before the agreement enters into force. At a great price, this guarantees maximum security and easy availability to the citizens “.


For Assofarm, then, it is “It is very wrong to believe that this company will bring new customers to pharmacies. “If nothing else, the opposite is in danger.” To prove it, the union argues, it exists The the experience of tampons: “Managing them has distracted pharmacists from more lucrative activities, and the presence of queues of people waiting for exams has often discouraged people from entering pharmacies. If Stefano Feltri had been more informed about our industry, he would have known that the strictly commercial activity of the pharmacy is not a primary front for our industry..

Another category of Feltri, that of “Low efficiency of pharmacies and high market power due to the fact that the industry is organized in guaranteed local monopolies.” An accusation that Assofarm characterized as the result of ideological prejudice.The organic plant and the exclusive distribution of prescription drugs are elements that guarantee access to the drug even to our fellow citizens living in isolated areas and protect the system from commercial diversions that exist in other countries that have adopted purely “effectiveness” logics. – writes the abbreviation of public pharmacies. “Once again we recommend to his director Tomorrow to better study some data of our industry: from the continuous decline of the profitability of pharmacies (despite the accusation of monopoly) to the continuous and very high acceptance of the citizens “.

For Italian municipal pharmacies, therefore, the interpretation of the participation of an Emergency Commissioner’s appeal as a small opportunistic move is at least a seriously offensive act: “The support received from various consumer associations and the fact that several pharmacists have raised doubts about the ‘convenience’ of the company, testify that behind it are not hidden any kind of calculations but another assumption of civil and health responsibility for private pharmacies and its public. of our country “.

“The history of Italian pharmacies is not without shadows, as indeed their present has more than one vice” Assofarm concludes. “However, it is not tolerable to see certain prejudices that destroy the foresight, health and management skills, the spirit of service and the sacrifices made by pharmacies and pharmacists throughout the pandemic crisis.”

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