Covid, another government crackdown, here are the new measures


Rome, December 26 – Violent recurrence of Covid infections in recent weeks – also backed by variane Omicron, responsible for the latest ISS report for 28% of new cases – has re-activated the red emergency alert of the pandemic. The first critical limit for occupying beds in the intensive care unit, warns the control room in the report published on December 24, has now been exceeded, and in this light also the government launched the “Christmas decree” with “further urgent measures to contain and manage the Covid-19 epidemiological emergency in the Calabria and Friuli-Venezia Giuli regionsto”.

Although widely discussed, the government has once again ruled out introducing the vaccination requirement for citizens who have not yet received a vaccine dose, deciding to continue to focus on the super green pass., which will be extended to more workplaces and will be crucial for access to venues such as stadiums, cinemas, theaters. At the same time, the executive has launched a series of closures, such as that of discos and private parties until January 31. But let’s take a closer look at the main measures introduced by the government.

In the meantime, the legislation for pharmacies is being extended for another year 178/2020 in paragraph 471, which allowed on an experimental basis, for the year 2021, the administration of vaccines against Covid in pharmacies open to the public by properly trained pharmacists.

As already mentioned, the mandatory green card is valid from January 10 for activities such as gyms, swimming pools, wellness centers or even museums as well as amusement parks, social centers and betting shops or similar. However, the enhanced green certificate will not be required if you go to the spas for rehabilitation and / or therapeutic activities, but it will be mandatory from December 30 to enter the social, health and housing.

The new Covid Decree also bans parties, concerts, discos and similar activities until 31 January 2022 and intervenes again during the green pass, which will be further reduced: from 1 February 2022, it will last six months instead of the previous nine months .


Also strict precautionary measures: until January 31, 2022 it will be mandatory to use a mask outdoors even in the white area and the use of Ffp2 mask in concert halls, cinemas, theaters and the like, but also in means of transport, during games sports or other events. The consumption of food and / or drinks will also be prohibited in these areas.

The army will also be on the ground to provide tracking activities to all schools at all levels.: “The Ministry of Defense – we even read in the layouto – Ensures the support of the Regions and the Autonomous Provinces in conducting testing activities for Sars-CoV-2 research and related analysis and reporting through military laboratories of the molecular diagnostic network located throughout the country..

Border controls have been strengthened, especially at the borders of countries where the frequency of the virus is higher, with significant changes in the positivity cases detected upon entering the country, resulting in the transfer of the following burdens to the traveler: “To limit the spread of the Sars-Cov-2 virus” we even read in the layout “The Maritime, Air and Border Health and Maritime Health Assistance Offices (Usmaf-Sasn) of the Ministry of Health conduct, albeit on a sample basis, airports, sea and land, antigenic or molecular tests for travelers entering the country. […] The measure of trust isolation is applied to the traveler, at his own expense, for a period of ten days, where needed at “Covid Hotels”.

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