Covid, Ema and Ecdc allow heterologous vaccination: “It is effective”


Rome, 10 December – The European Medicines Agency (Ema) and the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention (Ecdc) have approved a heterologous vaccine, two types of Covid vaccine, both for the first vaccine dose.

“Evidence from heterologous vaccination studies suggests that the combination of viral vector vaccines and mRNA vaccines produces good levels of Sars CoV 2 antibodies and a higher T-cell response from the use of the same vaccine (homologous vaccination), both in primary in the form of ”states the document issued by the two services on the subject. “Heterologous shapes are generally well tolerated. The use of a viral vector vaccine as a second dose in primary vaccination regimens or the use of two different mRna vaccines has been less studied.

“The available data consistently show acceptable tolerability and improved immune responses with the successive heterologous vector / mRNA vaccine regimen compared to the homologous vector vaccine regimen.” I clarify the experts Ema and Ecdc. “Some studies have reported greater reactivity (pain, fever, headache, fatigue) to heterologous vaccination, but the results are inconsistent. “There are not enough data to draw conclusions about side effects that are rare.”.


Regarding immunogenicity, the opinion of both bodies emphasizes that “Studies are consistent in demonstrating that the heterologous pattern is capable of eliciting significantly enhanced immune responses, including improved memory B cells, compared to a homologous viral vector pattern.” Sometimes there is a slight increase in humoral immune responses compared to homologous mRNA vaccination., concludes the document on this point “But not consistently, in support of a similar antibody response.”

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