Covid fight, government introduces vaccination obligation for over 50 years


R.Oma, January 6 – Just in time to put it in Befana sock, the government under the presidency Mario Draghi has issued a new decree to address the recurrence of Sars CoV 2 infections, which, due to the Omicron variant, are now galloping to 200,000 new cases per day (yesterday 189,000 with 231 deaths). Among the new measures stands out the introduction of the vaccination obligation in question, which will apply to all citizens aged 50 and over. Also tight is the super green pass, which extends practically to the whole world of work, always for over 50 years.

The decree explains the official note of Palazzo Chigi issued yesterday afternoon at the end of the Council of Ministers, “The aim is to ‘slow down’ the development curve of pandemic-related infections and provide greater protection to those categories that are most exposed and at greater risk of hospitalization.”.

Below, in the summary published by the Government, the content of the provision.

Vaccination obligation – The text introduces the obligation to vaccinate for all those who have reached the age of 50. For public and private employees over the age of 50, an enhanced green pass will be required to access workplaces from 15 February. Without age limits, the obligation to vaccinate extends to university staff equal to school staff.

Basic green fold – The obligation of the so-called ordinary green pass extends to those who have access to personal services, as well as to public offices, postal, banking and financial services, commercial activities subject to exceptions that will be identified with a secondary act to ensure the satisfaction of basic needs and primary of the individual.

Smart work – The Council of Ministers was informed by the Minister of Public Administration, Renato Bruneta, which was approved in agreement with the Minister of Labor and Social Policy Andrea Orlando circular addressed to public administrations and private companies to propose the maximum use, in the coming weeks, of the flexibility provided by the contractual agreements on the subject of flexible working.


School – The rules for managing positive cases are changing. For Primary school, GIf there is a positive case, the activities are suspended for a period of ten days. For Primary school (Primary), cIn case of positive, the surveillance with examination is activated. Classroom activity continues with a rapid or molecular antigen test as soon as the case of positivity (T0) is known, a test that will be repeated after five days (T5). In the presence of two or more positives, distance education (dad) is provided for ten days for the course in which the positive events appear. For I and II Gymnasium (Gymnasium, Lyceum, TEI etc.), up to one case of positivity in the same class, self-control is also provided with the use, in class, of the Ffp2 masks. With two instances in the same class, complete digital instruction is provided for those who have completed the initial vaccination cycle for more than 120 days, have recovered for more than 120 days, who have not received the booster dose. For all the others, it is planned to continue the activities in the presence of self-monitoring and use of Ffp2 masks in the classroom. With three cases in the same class, Dad is expected for ten days.

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