Covid, German team discovers protein that could prevent infection


Rome, December 17 – A research team from the Technische Universität München (Tum), one of the most internationally recognized polytechnics (ranked 55th in the world’s top universities and part of TU9, the association of 9 technical universities most famous Germans), seems to be very close to the possible achievement of decisive success in the fight against coronavirus infection, thanks to the development of a protein capable of reliably preventing virus infection and its variants in cell experiments.

TOTo announce what could be a turning point in the fight against Covid is a press release released last December, December 14, by the same researchers, led by Ulrike Protzer, Head of the Tum Institute of Virology and Director of the Helmholtz Munich.

While the countermeasures used to date for infections with one of the many variants of the virus are mainly based on antibody therapies, the active ingredient recently developed by the German team can be used to block the virus’s protein. As a result, said Protzer, in contrast to what can happen with vaccines and antibody drugs, the virus can not escape the effects of the substance with the small mutation: prevent.

In cell culture experiments with the new active ingredient in collaboration with researchers Tum, Helmholtz Munich, Munich Formycon AG and Ludwigs-Maximilians-Universität (Lmu), complete elimination of alpha, beta and delta variants of the virus was achieved. Thus, it is possible to prevent infection and the resulting Covid disease19.


The first tests with the Omicron variant of the coronavirus have also already begun. If laboratory tests continue to go well, clinical trials of the drug could begin as early as the first half of 2022, Protzer said. “While vaccination prevents the serious progression of the disease very reliably, the significantly more contagious variants of Delta and Omicron have shown that both the recovered and the vaccinated can be re-infected.Says the German professor and researcher, summarizing the current state of the pandemic.

In fact, other, more contagious variants of the virus could occur. In this context, in addition to vaccination, an active substance widely effective against the virus would obviously be a fundamental therapeutic source.

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