Covid vaccines, team of experts identifies cause of Vaxzevria-related clots


Rome, December 3 – |A team of scientists in Wales and the US believe it has found “The scandalous causeand ‘extremely rare blood clots associated with vaccine administration Vaxevria by AstraZeneca. The team, according to an ANSA report quoted by the BBC, has shown in detail how a protein in the blood is attracted to a key component of the vaccine designed in Oxford, triggering a chain reaction involving the immune system that can culminate in dangerous blood clots.

Alan Parker, One of the researchers from Cardiff University told the BBC: “What we have is the trigger, but there are many steps that need to be taken next

study published in the journal Advances in Science. “Although the research is not conclusive, it offers interesting ideas and AstraZeneca is exploring ways to take advantage of these findings as part of our efforts to eliminate this extremely rare side effect.“Explained a representative of the Anglo-Swedish pharmaceutical company.


Oxford University, on the other hand, declined to comment on the research. According to AstraZeneca, its vaccine has saved more than one million lives worldwide and prevented 50 million cases of Covid. However, in the wake of rare cases of blood clots, the use of this type of vaccine around the world has declined and vaccines that use state-of-the-art technology, with messenger MRNA, are now used for boosters.

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