deconstruct the kitchen with Fabita.

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Spaces are getting smaller, social behaviors are nomadic, living environments are hybrids. That is why the new Fabita brand -evolution of an industrial reality with more than ten years of experience in the field of extractor hoods and induction- deconstructs the kitchen and evolves traditional furniture to transform it into a series of free, light and flexible.

Adriano Design

The products designed by Adriano Design (studio founded in 1997 by the brothers Davide and Gabriele Adriano) for Fabita are innovative because they mark a change in focus: they host more functions at the same time, propose intelligent technological solutions, reduce volume, thickness and weight to save space, they migrate between environments thanks to their autonomous connotation. And then they are aesthetically attractive due to the careful design and material choices, surprising by the new languages ​​they adopt, immediate in the way of use, such Order.


An innovative element for cooking that consists of two circular induction plates that leave the kitchen worktop free: when necessary, you can take one or both and put them back on the wall once used. Separate cooking zones allow you to use two pots, even large ones, at the same time.

Order, a patented product, represents a highly flexible space saving solution that, due to its independent connotation, can easily migrate between environments even in the case of reconfiguration of spaces and furniture.

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