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Each plant has its own purpose. Nettle, which irritates summer residents and burns strongly on skin contact, also proves to be rich in vitamins and trace elements. Its composition has a beneficial effect on the human body and acts as a preventive measure against many diseases. Although the plant’s stems and leaves appear tough, they boil quickly from hot water. To preserve the beneficial substances in medicinal tea, it must be brewed correctly.

The benefits and harms of herbal tea from nettles

Bridge plant leaves
Preparation of tonic nettle elixir

If we talk about tea, it can be drunk one or two cups a day for preventive purposes, fearless. A decoction of nettle has a medicinal effect. The leaves of the plant are boiled first and then infused. Such a remedy is used with spoons and a certain course.

Stinging nettle contains a lot of iron, vitamins C and B, ascorbic acid, tannins, carotene. Due to its rich composition, tea helps with a number of diseases:

  • eliminates swelling in the extremities and helps to normalize kidney function, has a mild diuretic effect;
  • nettle has a hormonal effect, therefore it is very useful for women, actively used in gynecology;
  • the walls of the vessels become elastic;
  • removes toxins and toxins;
  • cleanses the liver and gallbladder;
  • reduces sugar;
  • prevents anemia
  • relieves inflammation.
Nettle in cosmetology
Used in hair care

Nettle is used in cosmetology to restore damaged hair and tighten the skin. Conditioners, masks, rinses based on plant extracts are effective and economical.

Nettle has a strong hemostatic effect, so tea is not recommended for high blood pressure, heart failure, varicose veins, it can be harmful to health. This medicine is also not suitable for young children and pregnant women.

Rules for collecting leaves

Nettle grows in ditches, irrigation ditches, vegetable farms, summer cottages and roads. Do not pick raw materials for tea near roads, garbage or near businesses. The plant tends to absorb heavy metals that can harm the body. To prepare a leaf for the winter, you need to follow certain rules.

  1. Only the tender upper leaves are torn off. The lower ones quickly become rough.
  2. After collection, the sheets must be rinsed as they are often very dusty.
  3. Dry nettles in a dryer, oven or outdoors.
  4. Store sheets in linen bags or tightly closed containers.
Young nettles to gather
Cut young leaves and stems in early summer

The collection is carried out in June, when the leaves do not yet have time to grow and are full of vital energy. When collecting for nettles, you need to refill gloves, as the stems of the plant burn a lot. Blisters appear on the skin from them.


There are two types of drinks: fresh and dried. Nettle goes well with herbs, spices and berries. Mono drink has unsaturated color, taste and aroma, so it can be combined with other ingredients to your liking.


Dried leaves
Brewed from dry plant leaves

The classic recipe uses dried nettles. 2 large spoons of raw material are poured with 200 milligrams of water. It must first be boiled and then cooled to 90 degrees. Tea is infused for 7 minutes.

Stinging nettle is very brittle after drying, so the drink must be filtered before drinking.

Health benefits of cold morning drink

To cheer up and get a serving of vitamins throughout the day, you can prepare a cold herbal tea with nettle. Brewed according to a classic recipe and chilled, it gets a different taste. To complete the composition, add a slice of lemon, honey or sugar to the cup. The sweetener helps eliminate the bitterness that occurs when old leaves are collected.

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With spices

This tea is recommended for women who are breastfeeding to increase milk

To make tea for breastfeeding mothers, you need to mix nettles, anise and fennel seeds in equal proportions. Pour two spoons of the collection with a glass of water and let it brew for an hour. The filtered liquid is divided into three parts and is drunk throughout the day, thirty minutes before or after meals. Nettle causes milk flow and helps to recover from childbirth.

To restore breastfeeding, see also articles on Ivan tea, mint and chamomile.

With berries

Dry nettle with strawberry
Berries can be added fresh, dried and frozen

Delicious, vitamin-rich tea is obtained from nettles and berries. For a drink, currants, sea buckthorn, gooseberries, cranberries are suitable. Berries can be fresh, frozen or dried. For three servings you need:

  • 3 small spoons of nettles;
  • 20 berries;
  • 800 milliliters of water.

The berries must first be thawed so that the broth is saturated.

Nettles are placed in the kettle. Berries are added on top and everything is poured with boiling water. Brewing time 5 minutes. The berries can be crushed to release juice.

Healing effect of collection with nettles and herbs

Useful herbs
A separate collection of herbs is made for each disease.

Nettle can rightly be included in the category of medicinal herbs. In combination with mint, chamomile, lemon balm, St. John’s wort, it gives an excellent effect. Making herbal tea is easy. It is necessary to pour two large spoons of the mixture into the kettle and pour 200 ml of boiling water. After 5-7 minutes, the drink is ready. With different herbs, nettles provide healing combinations:

  • with St. John’s wort helps to clean the lungs and relieve cough attacks;
  • with chamomile – soothes;
  • with mint – updates;
  • with lemon balm – relieves nervous tension and stress.

It is recommended to drink herbal infusions in the evening, but it depends on personal preferences.


The process of losing weight is associated with getting rid of excess. Nettle contributes to this, but does not burn fat on its own. Tea can be considered a companion for diet and exercise. The drink helps:

  • remove excess fluid due to the diuretic effect;
  • improve digestion and metabolism
  • remove toxins;
  • saturate the body with necessary vitamins while limiting food.
Tea drink
Boiled nettles should be drunk before meals.

The right nettle tea for weight loss is brewed according to the classic recipe. It should be taken in one third of the glass before meals.

Witnetel tea with rosehips

Stinging nettle itself has a high content of vitamins, and in combination with rosehips it becomes an excellent drink. To make tea you need:

  • a handful of rosehips;
  • 2 tablespoons nettle;
  • 2 liters of water.
Rosehip supplement
Vitamin C in rosehips is successfully combined with the beneficial properties of nettles

All components are filled with boiling water and allowed to leave for one and a half to two hours in a thermos. Since you do not need to boil the broth, you get a slightly refreshing vitamin tea. Strain it before use. Drinking more than one or two glasses a day is not recommended.

From new collection of leaves

Nettle tea and nettle bush
To avoid bitterness, we only collect the upper leaves of the plant

For fresh nettle tea, you need the young top leaves. They are not bitter and give the drink a nice shade. For tea you need:

  • ten to fifteen leaves;
  • 500 ml of water.

The leaves are placed in porcelain or glass jug and filled with boiling water. The drink is brewed for 15 minutes under a closed lid and a towel. It is then filtered and drunk with honey or sugar.

From dry collection

Dried nettle
You can prepare the grass yourself, the most important thing is to collect in an ecologically clean area

Raw materials for tea can be prepared independently, bought at the pharmacy in bags or in bulk. The algorithm for brewing nettles differs slightly from the process of preparing a regular drink.

  1. Two spoons with collection or 2-4 bags are poured into a glass jug.
  2. Pour 200 ml of boiling water.
  3. The kettle is closed with a lid and a towel.
  4. Tea is infused for half an hour, after which it is filtered.
I tekannan
Infusion time infusion about 10 minutes

The resulting infusion has a medicinal effect. They drink it in a spoon 30 minutes before meals. For simple tea, you need a glass of boiling water and a spoonful of dry leaves. The drink is brewed for 10 minutes, after which it is filtered and drunk.

Healing decoction and tea from nettles is beneficial if you observe the proportions and dosage when taken. There should be action in everything. Do not drink more than 2 glasses of nettle tea a day. This is enough to restore the vitamin balance.

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