Ema, possible green light for the Novavax Covid vaccine by the end of the year


Rome, 10 December – – The European Medicines Agency (Ema) could complete the commercialization of the Novavax vaccine against Covid, Nuvaxovid, “Before the end of the year”.

This was reported by the same European regulatory agency, stressing that this vaccine “It will offer a new option for vaccinating people in the EU and around the world”. The vaccine developed and manufactured by Novavax is based on a different technology from those approved so far in the European Union. It has two doses and can be stored in a normal refrigerator. At present, it is only approved for emergency use in Indonesia.

SMALL.ul new vaccine his thoughts Silvio Garatini (in the picture), said yesterday the president of the Mario Negri Institute in Milan Huffpost. For the well-known pharmacologist, the element that differentiates Nuvaxovid and its strong point is the fact that it is composed of Sars CoV 2 virus proteins. “These contain the part of the virus that mutates the least and for this reason there is hope that it will be effective with more than one variant.” explained, just why “Designed to try to fight different variants of the virus”.

“Of course this is the theory, then we have to see what happens when the doses are given to millions of people.” adds the teacher, always respecting the principle of attention.

In any case, so far the vaccine has been evaluated as very effective and in accordance with the parameters of Coreper. And it has the advantage that the chain does not need the extreme cold chain, a feature that makes it more “manageable” and also suitable for low-income countries“Let’s hope it really is” is Garattini’s comment on the subject.


In fact, it is a traditional implant vaccine, arguably “ancient” compared to Pfizer and Moderna mRna or Astrazeneca and Johnson & Johnson virus carriers. Garattini himself explains the mechanism of action, assuming that Nuvaxovid does not work thanks to messenger ribonucleic acid (RNA) molecules that contain instructions for the cells of the person who has been vaccinated to synthesize the so-called Spike proteins. “It is not the RNA that produces proteins in the cells that subsequently elicit an immune response, but the virus proteins themselves that bind to the cell membrane proteins are also considered foreign to the body and therefore the response develops. immunity” explains the pharmacologist, adding that the Novavax formulation does not even function as a viral vector vaccine, ie it does not use a virus to transfer the sequence of the genetic code that encodes the Spike protein into the cell. The Nuvaxovid However, it uses an adjuvant, saponin, a chemical that, Garattini continues, “It seems to be able to boost the immune response.”Precisely because it was developed using an old and proven technology, according to the president of the Mario Negri Institute, the Novava vaccinex “could convince more people who are still reluctant to get vaccinated”. An audience of 6.5 million Italians over the age of 12, who have not started the vaccination cycle, ie have not even received a dose, and who correspond to more than 10% of the population, a significant number, which still favors the circulation of the coronavirus.

According to Garattini, it is possible that if this new vaccine is advertised as more traditional, some no vaxes will end up convincing themselves to be vaccinated. “Although – explains the professor – There is no scientific reason that Novavax is better than other vaccines. “The effectiveness, according to studies so far, is more or less the same.” And then even if we admit that there can be a positive psychological effect on the “hesitant” produced by a more traditional vaccine, then we have to see how it will be implemented. “Currently – Garattini concludes – “ours is just a hope.”

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