Enpaf National Council, approved budget 20


Rome, 27 November – The National Council of the Enpaf Foundation, at its meeting on 25 November, unanimously approved the budget for the year 2022.

The document states, for the next year, profits for the year over 128 million euros, with tax revenues estimated at a total of about 273 million euros. The social security balance, resulting from the difference between social security contributions and insurance payments, is equal to € 101.8 million.

The forecast data, according to a note from the occupational pension fund, confirm the prospects for strengthening the management of pensions, which are reflected in the new actuarial technical balance on 31 December 2020, which was also approved by the National Council. In particular, the new technical balance sheet confirms the existence of the positive retirement balances of the administration until 2070.

During the work of the National Council, the new website of the Agency was presented, subject to a complete set remodeling in order to ensure simple and direct access of members to information.

“Even in ccomplexity of the historical moment we are experiencing ” says the president of Enpaf, Emilio Croce (in the photo) “we have confirmation that, since the pandemic crisis, our role has been consolidated, having specifically demonstrated our commitment, especially in the most difficult times.”


“Our institution he will have to respond to the efforts to change the profession “. the president concludes “Also through the implementation of resources dedicated to active welfare that for next year will amount to over 11 million euros.”

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