Farmacap, the unions clarified for the future: “A new course is needed”


In fact, the highest representatives of the Capitol confirmed that the Council will propose to the Capitol Assembly the maintenance of the current legal structure, the approval of the financial statements of the special company from 2013 to 2020, together with the reorganization plan assigned to Extraordinary Commissioner, Jacopo Marzetti, at the end of his term, to complete the process by January 31, 2022. Thus it will be possible to settle the losses and recapitalize, so that the company returns to profits in 2023.

Ruberti invited Marzetti himself and the CEO of Farmacap to the meeting, Sebastiano Di Guardo, to present a preview of the recovery plan, with the expected opening of another 11 pharmacies. This is a significant credit (approximately EUR 20 million), which will be accompanied by an increase in funding (EUR 300 thousand) for the renewal of the Community Social Services Agreement. It is only a first step towards the elaboration of a structured service contract that includes all the activities of the company and through which it responds to the ever-increasing social and societal needs of the Roman citizens, strengthening the professional figures that exist in Farmacap.

Mayor Gualtieri, however, wanted to stress that Farmacap would not be given another chance to make the commitment and that no further mistakes could be made (a report that, for the unions, could only be directed to the management of the special company). , characterized in recent years).

Ruberti then announced that, following the reorganization plan and at the end of the commissioner, a development plan would be launched setting out guidelines for restarting Farmacap, enabling service viability, starting with a better pharmacy offering and subject marketing, image and organization of work, with competition and cooperation of all stakeholders: company management, trade unions, company employees.

A decision – the one announced by Roberti – was very well received by the unions, because it aims to maintain and strengthen Farmacap as a special company and public heritage of the city. The unions asked to receive the full draft of the Plan as soon as possible, also hoping for the timely approval of the financial statements by the Assembly of the Capitol.

Moving on to the immediate and specific needs, the unions reiterated the urgent need to draw up a recruitment plan, given the lack of a personal pharmacist (at least 30 units missing), due to resignations or retirement.


“In general, a new course must be opened that” compensates “first and foremost the women workers, for what has happened in recent years and not only financially, but also in the quality and recognition of the work done, in person. of current working conditions and harassment behaviors on the part of the company’s management with a view to liquidation “ Representatives of the trade union Filcams Cgil, Fisascat Cisl, Uiltucs Uil and Usi write in a press release issued after the meeting with the leaders of the Capitol, specifically mentioning the violations recorded in fundamental issues such as the organization of work, schedules personnel management and transport and health and safety, including Covid 19, for which – the note states – “There is no joint management protocol, as provided by law.”

Despite the serious difficulties created by the inadequate management of commissioners in recent years, the public service provided by Farmacap has in any case been appreciated by users, as evidenced by the Report on the quality of public services in Rome, created by CGIL and Federconsumatori. A result that the unions define as miraculous and has been achieved, the unions write, “Thanks to the self-denial and professionalism of the employees” the company’s.

Filcams Cgil, Fisascat Cisl, Uiltucs Uil and Usi asked for certainty about the timing of the appointment of the management team, in order to finally end the term of the commissioner, one of the fundamental goals of the unions, also because it is the condition for change: “A strong administrative discontinuity is needed, which can urgently solve the existing problems, financially, managerially and organizationally, mainly through proper trade union relations. “We can no longer tolerate mistakes and continuity with the past.” end up the unions, which however. pending further developments, state “more optimistic about the future prospects, thanks to the constructive confrontation with the new council. “We will work to restore to the Roman users a public heritage suitable for their needs and to the male workers the pride of providing a fundamental service, which unfortunately is often destroyed in recent years.”

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