Farmacap, (unwanted) Christmas surprise: a resolution tries to restore the precariate


Rome, December 29 – The aftermath of the assessment addressed to the new Capitol junta announcing a decisive change in the management of Farmacap, after the years of operation that led the special company of Roman municipal pharmacies, had not yet died a crisis such that endanger its future, which the unions are forced to return to the tones of protest and demand that they unfortunately had to take advantage of in recent years.

To change the climate of the “honeymoon” that started later of the last sitting of 21 Decemberthe between Rsa Usi, Filcams, Fisascat and Uiltucs, head of the mayor’s cabinet Antonio Ruberti, large“Social policy advisor Barbara Funari (in the picture) and the Extraordinary Commissioner and General Manager of Farmacap, Jacopo Marzetti And Sebastiano Di Guardo, is a resolution of a commissioner signed by the latter, listed with no. 4 and dated 20 December 2021, on a public announcement for the creation of “List of operators selected for professional pharmacy services “.

The notice, is published on the Farmacap website, includes three sections (pharmacy managers, freelance pharmacists and social service providers) and three types of assignment: coordinated and continuous cooperation, occasional service and professional service (VAT number), with the option (withholding of serious trade unions) to exclude character of a subordinate relationship.

From all this, despite the date of the resolution that preceded the aforementioned meeting at the Capitol between municipalities, companies and trade union leaders, no prior communication was given with the labor organizations, as required not only and not so much by the rules governing relations. of the world of work, but basic reasons for respect, opportunities, common sense and good manners.

It is therefore understandable that the representatives of the Farmacap trade unions treated it rather badly, particularly irritated by the fact that at the meeting on 21 December, despite the specific trade union demands for the adoption of urgent solutions to address the serious shortage of pharmacists (at least 30 graduates are missing), no one – starting with Marzetti and Di Guardo, young since the resolution was published – made the slightest reference to the public announcement for a list of pharmacists to fill the company’s pharmacies.


“This is an obvious mistake” cut the unions “It became even more intolerable from the fact that this summer the fixed-term contract for 6 of our colleagues was not renewed.”

Obviously, it is not just a matter of form: the unions deeply question the choice of the company as the top management of Farmacap to try to bring back the precarious work, institutionalizing it by actually creating a “reserve” of graduate pharmacists who will be hired according to needs. and with temporary contracts. And if you want to do it, emphasize the unions, “After years of tedious battles to restore a single collective agreement, Assofarm, for all, indefinitely.”

“So far we have avoided excessive confrontation with the current management of Farmacap, given the serious problems we have to face and the ongoing process for the preservation and future development of the company.” conclude the RSA representatives. “But in the face of these unexpected and unacceptable choices, we call on the council, councilors and councilors to verify and stop this re-introduction of precarious work at Farmacap (a public company), by a top elected by the old administration, which we Hope will be replaced soon, according to the new course proposed to us. The measure is full “.

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