FederFarma.Co, a single shopping center for consolidating partnerships with industry


Rome, November 26 – FederFarma.Co, the main pharmaceutical intermediate channel distribution platform owned by major pharmaceutical companies, has launched a project to strongly consolidate its partnership with the pharmaceutical industry, thanks to a growing shopping center members (Cef, Farla, Farmacentro, Unifarm).

The goal – explains a note from the company – is to allow its business partners to make the most of the many axisCommon and specific to members: immediacy, efficiency and capillary capacity of their direct and indirect networks, ability to optimize operational and logistical flows, development of multiple services able to monitor and manage the needs of the patient consumer.

In short, it is a realistic development that puts the meeting between end-user demand and industry supply at the heart of the collaboration, through the maximum expression of the main Italian distribution group in terms of market share. A specific and demanding road map has already been defined and in the coming days, as the note announces, contacts will begin with the key players in the brand industry, to whom the group’s strategy will be explained in detail.


“The project started by FederFarma.Co represents the natural consequence of the strong desire for cohesion expressed by the shareholders and an excellent opportunity for the whole industry” claims Vittorino Losio, chairman of Cef and the board of directors of the company created to support the pharmacy chains (in the picture). A concept referred to and defined by Francesca Rauzi, Vice Chairman of the Board FederFarma.Co and Vice Chairman of Unifarm: “The evolution of FederFarma.Co’s role has laid the groundwork for a further consolidation of the strength of the stakeholder team for the benefit of all stakeholders: pharmacy, distributor, industry and builds on the ability to build consistent partnerships capable of coping with the best changes.”

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