Federfarma: “When vaccinated outside Health Centers in inappropriate places”


Rome, December 6 – “We are strongly opposed to initiatives that tend to remove the vaccine from health centers, in places unsuitable for the exercise of administrative activity”. To write in a press release about participating in the vaccination campaign against Covid, with the approval of the palemnism emergency committee of the province of Palermo, some barbers and hairdressers, is Federfarma, the national association of private pharmacies.

From the vaccination campaign against Covid “It is moving fast thanks to the health facilities that already exist in the area, ie the vaccination centers and the network of pharmacies”, observes the union under the chairmanship Marco Kosolo (photo right),“There is no reason to look for alternatives, especially as pharmacies still have ample room to increase the number of dispensations.”

His policy “the more we are (to be vaccinated, Ed), we go out first “, in short, Federfarma does not convince and – it seemed – not even Fofi, whose national secretary Mauritius Pace, also in his capacity as President of the Order of Agrigento Pharmacists, wrote a brief urgent note addressed to the National Commissioner for Emergency Covid Francesco Paolo Figliuolo and in its General Management Health Professions of the Ministry of Health headed by Rossana Ugenti, inviting them to express it “Appropriate competency assessments” on the Palermo Initiative, referred to by reference to a news report by Sky.

View source imageThe Covid Commissioner of Palermo, Renato Costa (in the picture), However, he remains firm in his positions and does not seem to want to challenge the decision to extend what he calls to other exercises (including barbers). “Proximity vaccination”. Which, Kostas observes, in any case is carefully organized and inspections of the premises precede to verify their adequacy and compliance with vaccination needs, with careful selection of environments where administrations will proceed in full compliance with hygiene rules. – hygiene conditions. In short, only those facilities that have facilities with the required standards and whose suitability has been verified are authorized. And therefore it is not clear where the problem lies in enlarging the audience of administrative points, if “Proximity vaccination” (which, explains Kostas, “It is a medical procedure, from the medical history to the administration and to the treatment of any complications”) is managed – as in the case of Palermo – “From our medical and nursing staff”, as it actually happens.


The question now is to see, after the start of Federfarma and the report of Secretary Fofi to the national commissioner authority and the ministry, what will be (if any) the possible developments of the case, which in any case will be controversial and harbingers of controversy, if The “proximity vaccination” strategy promoted by Commissioner Costa in Palermo with the participation (also) of barber shops and hairdressers is considered legal at higher levels or if, on the contrary, it is considered inappropriate, if not a little useful.

In the latter case, the eager Figaro Palerimtani of our time, who look quite comfortable in the role of Rossini’s “Factotum of the city” And happy to have their hairdressers available to give a specific helping hand even against Covid, they will have to go back to just shaving, hairstyles and beauty treatments. It will be very interesting in both cases to understand and measure the decisions of the competent authorities and the reactions of the people.

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