Fofi, awarded the Giacomo Leopardi Prize to General Figliuolo


Rome, November 26 – The National Council of Fofi, held yesterday in the presence of the Noble Chemical Pharmaceutical College of Rome, was the occasion and the setting for the meeting of the emergency commissioner Covid, general. Francesco Paolo Figliuolo (in the picture) the award dedicated to his memory Giacomo Leopardi, the unforgettable president of Fofi who “transferred” the professional federation from the 1980s to the beginning of the new millennium, leading it with great and unanimously recognized authority and competence in the direction of the development of the profession of Italian pharmacist and pharmacist.
In the departure from the hands of President Fofi Andrea Mandelli significant recognition (in the photo of the title), Figliuolo reiterated his appreciation for the role played by pharmacists during the pandemic, “With results that often exceeded all expectations”, recalling the extraordinary surplus of commitment that pharmacies were able to guarantee after the introduction of the green paste, reaching the record of one million coatings carried out in one day in the 12,000 community centers that have joined the protocol in the national territory.
The head of the emergency structure also wanted to emphasize the great contribution made to the national vaccination campaign against Covid in the heart of the territory, to the fundamental dimension of proximity vaccination campaigns, not just in the emergency phases.

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