Fofi, re-accredited course for scientific, regulatory and functional aspects of Covid tests

Rome, January 18 – With a circular to the District Orders, Fofi announces that the distance ECM course has been re-accredited to the National Regional Health Service (Agenas) “Covid-19 and diagnostic tests: scientific, regulatory and functional aspects”, was created by the Federation of Classes itself and the Francesco Cannavò Foundation, in collaboration with Federfarma and under the auspices of the Higher Institute of Health. The Fad course is available again from yesterday, January 17, and will be available until June 30.
The course is not granted and can be used free of charge for all pharmacists. Provided by the Imagine Srl provider, accredited by Agenas with the initials ID 6 and can be used by subscribing to the Fad platform at the link, following the instructions on the site.
The course lasts 2 hours and 40 minutes (excluding support material) and allows the performance of 6.5 credits for those who have passed the learning questionnaire with subsequent certification of profit.
As the topics covered in this course are subject to continuous scientific and regulatory development, the Cannavò Foundation is already committed to coordinating the work of the speakers in order to update the teaching content.


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