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Meditating is an inner action, means becoming, evolving and transforming and puts the fact of in the center of mental action focus on the present without distractions. It is a practice that, if done correctly, can be practiced anywhere and at any time – you just need to know how to do it the right way!

The art of meditation is undoubtedly a complex art and, before being able to practice it autonomously at home and effectively, it is advisable to embark on a journey with a teacher or an expert.

One thing is for sure: meditation. it would do us all a lot of good, but it certainly cannot become occasional or impromptu.

Let’s see how to do it correctly at home in 5 easy steps.

Meditate at home in five steps

First, get into a comfortable posture.. It is best to keep your back straight (even with the help of a pillow) and your legs crossed or slightly crossed. The key element is to feel comfortable … to function properly the mind needs the body to be “comfortable”, relaxed and feel good.

And the eyes? Well closed or half open, to avoid visual distractions.

Now that your body is ready …

  1. StopMeditation is truly an action, but of the mind and spirit. You have to stop the frenzy in your body and your daily life to allow your mind to focus and act properly.
  2. Concentrated and focus your mind on any word or object – focus your attention on one of them and let your thoughts flow freely.
  3. Now direct your thoughts onessential: delve into what you are thinking or observing, touching and feeling, wondering about its origin, its evolution, etc., to understand its true nature.
  4. Think about the consequences your actions, your words, your choices and analyze them.
  5. Find harmony and recreate it: try to build around yourself, materially and mentally, an environment and an atmosphere that calms you down and empties your mind of worries and negative thoughts.

To obtain an effective meditation practice you need patience and constant practice: do not be discouraged by the initial difficulties and obstacles that your mind puts!

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