History of coffee and its names


The goat eats bright red berriesThe history of coffee began many years ago. For the first time coffee appeared, you will not believe it, around 850 AD According to the most famous legend, which tells the story of the origin of coffee, an Ethiopian Kaldi shepherd noticed that his goats, which eat the bright red leaves and berries from a discreet plant during the day, they are overly excited at night and cannot sleep. The pastor told the abbot of the monastery where he lived and worked. The clever mentor tested the effect of an unknown plant on himself and, having made sure of the stimulating effect of taking the infusion, he immediately found an application in ordinary life: the priest began to give his novices a decoction of the plant before the service. night so they wouldn’t fall asleep during a long and exhausting reading. Thus began the history of coffee, a beverage known and loved throughout the world today. It is noteworthy that initially coffee was consumed in the form of a drink, as is the case throughout the world, but with whole berries. Later, the berries began to be crushed and mixed with animal fat, forming balls with the resulting thick mixture, which allowed to store coffee reserves for a long time. This was especially convenient on a long trip, when balls of coffee and fat created nutritious, nutritious, and tonic foods, without taking up much space. But a little later, he made a decoction with the pulp of the coffee fruits, which he drank with pleasure after a hearty dinner. For the first time, this ritual became popular in Yemen and later spread to neighboring countries. Originally this drink was called “geshir”. This is, perhaps, the whole short history of the origin of coffee.

Pastor Caldi

A Syrian Bedouin drinks the traditional coffee drink By the way, you are probably interested to know what the cafe was called that.
The very name of the cafe is still a kind of unsolved encrypted message. Precisely because the drink still holds a certain mystery, and there are probably several versions. Coffee itself appeared, as we have already mentioned, in Ethiopia, hence the first assumption. It says the drink is named after the Ethiopian province of Kaffa (Caffa, Kafa, Kaffa). And this hypothesis certainly has a place to be. Another no less interesting and plausible version is that the cafe got its name from the Arabs – “qahwa” (cahwa, kahwa, cahwe, kahwe, qahwe). However, although both assumptions are objective and probably close to the truth, what impresses us most is the romantic version about the medieval alchemist, from which the dry wind of the free and wild deserts blows. So what is this version about? The port city of Moha on the Red Sea.  Engraving from 1692, HollandCOFFEE is an acronym. This conclusion was made by the alchemist, traveler and botanist in combination after a long study of the numerous works of healers, sorcerers, scientists, all those who, during their own searches for a universal remedy for immortality and against disease, studied the coffee. So, supposedly, all these better minds came to the conclusion that coffee (then it was not called that yet) was the only remedy for many ailments, the main of which is undoubtedly the impotence of the soul. Having come to this conclusion, the healers decided to call the miracle drink COFFEE, which represents the first letters of the word as follows:

Mocha (Moha) is a small Yemeni port on the Red Sea that gave its name to a type of coffee produced in Arabia. The mountains around Mokhi, completely covered by coffee plantations located in terraces on the slopes, were called

Cause – the reason; Hidden – secret, hidden; Fortress – fortress, fortress; Fast – strong, fast; Exciting – exciting Extract – extract, decoction. As a result, we have: COFFEE: a strong extract that stimulates the hidden and secret forces of the spirit, resistance and will.

The history of the appearance of the coffee drink itself and its name

We do not know about you, but we like this interpretation, in addition, taking a sip of burning aromatic coffee in the morning, you really feel how your nature is ignited and hidden reserves are activated, and the willpower, awake and agitated after sleep, the Grab by the neck and drag you to work no matter what.

Arabs drink coffee

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