How to brew black tea in a teapot: temperature, water, time, dishes


One of the most popular drinks in the world is black tea. It has not only excellent taste and aroma but also many useful properties. Consumption helps to increase immunity, improve the nervous system. The drink contains such an antioxidant as tannin, which helps to strengthen the body’s defenses against the negative effects of the external environment. In order for tea drink to have a beneficial effect on health, it is necessary to brew the drink properly.

The role of water in brewing tea

Water plays an important role in the tea-brewing process. Because the hardness is different, the cooking time may vary.

It is of course recommended to use soft water. Hard contains a large amount of salts, which causes scale (sediment) on the kettle walls. Soft, however, does not have such properties.

It is advisable to choose soft water for brewing, as hard water can give scales
It is advisable to choose soft water for brewing, as hard water can give scales

For brewing, it is enough to use a filter or buy water in a bottle – it is already sold purified.

When you use soft, the infusion time of the drink takes 3-5 minutes, with hard – up to 15 minutes.

How to boil water properly

It is also important to boil water properly. Boiled, as well as uncooked, does not represent anything good for making black tea. In the first case, the drink gets a flat taste, and in the second, the taste becomes insufficiently saturated, because the tea leaves are poorly brewed. If the water does not boil, the drink can get an unpleasant fishy taste.

For cooking it is better not to use coolers or kettles, it is very difficult to keep track of the boiling temperature in them, because they act automatically.

The old method of boiling over a fire is preferred. In this case, it is easy to keep track of the correct heating. As soon as the cooking noise subsides and large bubbles appear, we can assume that the water is heated to the desired temperature.

What should be the preparation of the teapot

First of all, you need to choose a teapot from the “right” material. There are teapots made of steel, plastic and porcelain.

It is better to give your choice in favor of the latter, as plastic is not chemically inert, and this can contribute to the formation of shells, which do not settle on the walls but enter the beverage.

The best teapot option is porcelain
The best teapot option is porcelain

Beverages brewed in a steel teapot can taste metallic. A porcelain jug heats up quickly enough and is therefore optimal for brewing.

Before filling the tea leaf, it is necessary to pour boiling water over the kettle so that the walls heat up sufficiently. This must be done so that the temperature of the water that is poured after does not drop and the tea leaves are strong.

Before brewing, pour kettle with boiling water to reach the desired temperature
Before brewing, pour each kettle with boiling water to reach the desired temperature

Dosage compliance

The first question that arises is to determine the amount of infusion required. It is worth noting that different proportions are used in different countries. For example, Indians drink the strongest tea, 44.5 grams per liter of water.


In the classical brewing of tea, used in England or the countries of the post-Soviet space, the proportions are calculated in such a way that each cup of tea was about a small spoon.

It is not recommended that you put too many tea leaves in a cup, otherwise the drink will be too strong
It is not recommended that you put too many tea leaves in a cup, otherwise the drink will be too strong

But do not forget the quality of the water used and its temperature. With soft water and a small amount of tea can give a strong concentration, with hard water more tea leaves must be used.

If you plan to dilute your drink further, you can increase the brewing quantity to two spoons per cup.

How long can you brew black tea

The brewing time for tea can vary depending on the hardness of the water and the type of tea. The maximum brewing time is 15 minutes, the minimum is 3 minutes. Although some of the more tender varieties can be brewed in 1-2 minutes. Tea from India or Georgia opens within 6 minutes and chilled tea in 10 minutes.

black tea brewing time
Usually the brewing time for black tea varies from 5-6 minutes

Drinks black leaf

Add lemon wedges in the black version to the classic version. Lemon juice contains ascorbates that help the body absorb tannin. It helps to tone the body, improve digestion and improve the function of the immune system. You can serve honey or jam with this drink. It is not recommended to brew black and green tea together.

Black Tea
Classic black tea is usually served with lemon wedges or honey

The second option for drinking tea is to add milk to it. This tea is recommended to be drunk in the evening.

You can also add cinnamon powder to black tea. To do this, you just need to crush the cinnamon sticks and use when adding tea leaves. Such a drink will not only be very tasty and aromatic, but also useful for colds or blues.

Tea should be drunk immediately after brewing. You should not consume it after several hours of infusion, as it loses its benefits and can release substances that are harmful to the human body.

All useful things leave tea in the beginning, but when we keep it for a long time, substances that are not very useful for health begin to come out of it.

In the evening it is better to drink black tea with milk or lemon or with honey, as you like. Because it reduces the perception of tannins in the tea.


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