How to store coffee beans. Competent tips for storing coffee

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How to store coffee correctly? There are several nuances that must be taken into account so that your favorite drink stays fresh and tasty for a long time.

Coffee storage

Coffee storageFirst, you must decide how long you need to store your coffee. The fact is that short-term and long-term coffee storage has an opposite orientation and must be approached from diametrically opposite sides. In general, experts recommend buying a drink with a margin of 7-14 days, no more. This is the optimal time to keep your coffee fresh and retain all its precious properties. However, the situations are different, for example, someone offered you a good deal: buy high-end coffee in large quantities, or they brought you expensive coffee beans from the country of origin. What to do with this? How not to get confused and keep the taste of natural coffee? And why is it better to store coffee in small batches? There are some subtleties that will help you preserve the drink for a long time without compromising its quality. Remember that the worst enemies of coffee are oxygen, humidity, heat, and sunlight. What is the best way to keep yourself and your favorite drink safe? Then we will answer your most common and frequently asked questions.

Why are aluminum coffee bags good?
Aluminum bags for coffeeRecently, more and more manufacturers have started to produce their coffee in aluminum foil bags with a valve and zip closure. This is not a coincidence: more and more experts and coffee lovers recognize that such a bag is the most suitable for storing coffee. First of all, it protects coffee from all kinds of unnecessary odors, and you and I know very well that the porous structure of coffee beans tends to retain all the nuances of the captured odors, especially strong ones. Second, such a bag protects the coffee from unwanted air entry and the existing valve allows accumulated gases to escape freely. Third, the bag’s soft packaging allows the bag to be rotated to release all the remaining excess air, minimizing the oxidation process of the essential oils from the coffee beans (and it is thanks to the oils that we feel the fragrant aroma of the coffee). Fourth, the foil pouch protects the drink from moisture and sunlight.

How to store coffee in cans?
Canned coffeeGlass and ceramic jars are considered less preferred, but acceptable. The first condition should be a tight-fitting lid with a silicone gasket. The presence of these will prevent your drink from penetrating unwanted odors, oxygen, and moisture. The jar for storing coffee should be opaque. Otherwise, you should keep it exclusively in a dark place.
One of the downsides to this storage method is that excess air cannot get out of the beans, so if you are pouring coffee into a can, put it in this container no earlier than a few days after roasting. Another negative point: when you close a coffee can, there will definitely be some air left in there, so the coffee in the can will still oxidize.

Should I store coffee in containers?

Plastic containers are the most undesirable option. Such materials are believed to give the drink an unpleasant taste and possibly even an odor. Surely only a few will find this “addition” attractive.


Can I store coffee in a kitchen cupboard?

If we talk about “coffee for every day”, that is, a drink that should be at hand, then perhaps a piece of furniture in the kitchen is the most appropriate place. But at the same time, it is worth choosing a position as far as possible from the stove and not heated by the sun’s rays. Also, if you store your coffee in a glass jar, it’s best to put it in a drawer that you don’t look at often to minimize exposure to sunlight.

Can I store coffee in a kitchen cupboard?

Is it good to keep coffee in the fridge?

It is not practical to store coffee in the refrigerator for daily use, as it adversely affects the drink. The thing is, a lot of strange odors accumulate in the refrigerator, and moreover, with such coffee storage, it is almost impossible to get rid of moisture. When removing the can, due to the drop in temperature, condensation forms on the coffee beans, which is then absorbed by them. Also, the temperature in the refrigerator is not low enough to significantly affect the shelf life of the coffee.

Is it good to keep coffee in the fridge?

Is it advisable to keep the coffee in the freezer?
Is it advisable to keep the coffee in the freezer?The freezer is an excellent option for long-term storage of coffee beans. The best effect can be obtained by freezing the beans immediately after roasting; otherwise, the overall service life will decrease. With the freezer, coffee can be kept in excellent condition for up to two months. You do not believe me?
Not so long ago, an experiment was conducted with the participation of experienced specialists who confirmed the accuracy of these data. Several varieties of coffee were taken to test, some of which were frozen immediately after roasting. After a while, the participants in the experiment were blindly asked to indicate the coffee stored in the freezer and the fresh coffee that had just been brewed. Professional coffee lovers couldn’t distinguish between drinks, they all looked fresh.

How to properly store coffee in the freezer?
How to properly store coffee in the freezer?Thus, if you are going to store coffee beans for a long time, then it is best to do it using the freezer, but you must follow some simple rules.
The drink must be well hidden in an opaque package, excluding the air intake.
During its shelf life, it is not necessary to remove the coffee from the freezer unnecessarily. And it is better not to use the compartment where it is stored so as not to create temperature changes.
After removing the coffee from the freezer, wait until the beans reach room temperature. Otherwise, the coffee will chill the drink and, more importantly, prevent the formation of a creamy foam in the espresso.
The shelf life of the drink in the freezer should not exceed 2 months.
If you want to use the coffee gradually, keeping the leftover drink in the freezer, then you better divide the coffee into parts. This way, you can take out each new pack as needed. The main condition here is that the coffee taken from the refrigerator is not returned there.

Coffee storage

Attention! And now the main postulate for all coffee lovers in the country: do not buy coffee for future use and in reserve, but buy coffee often and little by little! When buying coffee, read the instructions for storing the drink indicated on the package. There are different storage conditions depending on the type of coffee.

Coffee storage

Compare how do you store your favorite drink? Do you follow the basic rules? Now that you know the basic rules of storage, it will be much easier to maintain the great taste and aroma of good coffee! Enjoy your coffee!

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