How to store coffee beans. Competent tips for storing coffee


How to store coffee correctly? There are several nuances that must be taken into account so that your favorite drink stays fresh and tasty for a long time.

Coffee storage


Coffee storageFirst, you must decide how long you need to store your coffee. The fact is that short-term and long-term coffee storage has an opposite orientation and must be approached from diametrically opposite sides. In general, experts recommend buying a drink with a margin of 7-14 days, no more. This is the optimal time to keep your coffee fresh and retain all its precious properties. However, the situations are different, for example, someone offered you a good deal: buy high-end coffee in large quantities, or they brought you expensive coffee beans from the country of origin. What to do with this? How not to get confused and keep the taste of natural coffee? And why is it better to store coffee in small batches? There are some subtleties that will help you preserve the drink for a long time without compromising its quality. Remember that the worst enemies of coffee are oxygen, humidity, heat, and sunlight. What is the best way to keep yourself and your favorite drink safe? Then we will answer your most common and frequently asked questions.

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