Indian milked masala, drink recipe

This exotic drink is easy to find in almost all cafes, despite several thousand years of history. Masala or “spiced tea” is full of stories about royalty, slaves and plantations, cunning merchants and herbal medicine. The people of India rightly consider it a landmark in their country. Today we can do it at home with the help of the cooking recipes presented in the article.

What is Indian Masala Milk Tea

Anyone who has ever eaten masala tea notes its unforgettable taste, rich aroma and an unusually refreshing effect on the whole body.

Masala sweet tea is an Indian drink made from tea with milk, flavored with a bouquet of spices. In the beginning, the sweet spicy drink was prepared in different ways without the addition of tea. Black tea leaves were included in the recipe only after a tea plantation in Assam (India) was founded by the British in 1835. On the plantations, slaves drank tea with spices to increase efficiency and endurance.


The composition of a useful mixture of masala

Masala tea (literally “tea with spices”) is a beverage native to the Indian subcontinent, obtained by brewing tea with a mixture of Indian spices and herbs.

Masala is a sweet “cocktail” with a base of tea and milk in different proportions of spices. The tea is usually strong black leaf tea. There are alternatives with whole milk, skim milk, almond milk or soy milk. There are recipes without milk, as well as with the addition of ice cream. From spices add ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, etc. To add sweetness, use sugar, honey or condensed milk.

Benefits and harms of the body from consumption, properties of tea

There is no set method for making masalate and many families have their own recipes.

This tea is not difficult to brew, but it is worth remembering. that it can provide both benefit and harm to the body, the most important thing is to understand its properties. The spicy milk drink strengthens the immune system, cleanses the blood, increases the elasticity of blood vessels, normalizes blood pressure and digestion, reduces hunger and strengthens. Tea has a positive effect on the condition of the skin, saturation in the brain with oxygen due to improved blood circulation, helps to cope with nervous exhaustion and depressive conditions.

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