Lack of medical cannabis, December 14 confrontation in the ministry with patients


Rome, December 9 – Associations of cannabis patients return to face the Ministry of Health at a meeting in Rome on December 14 in an effort to focus on resolving the problem of access to these treatments. the continuation of which becomes extremely uncertain both from the shortages of the substance in the approved market and from bureaucratic complications, such as the restrictions imposed by the certified e-mail law on court prescriptions.

Many appeals have started in recent months, which seemed to have had at least one effect when (last year on October 24) the Undersecretary of Health Andrea Costa (in the picture) had announced on a TV show the preparation of specific notices for the cultivation of medical cannabis for medical use by public and private companies. In the same television program (Mi manda Rai3), some patients had stated that, in the absence of sufficient production of therapeutic cannabis and consequently its legal supply, they were forced to turn to the black market, with all the consequences of both. criminal and health. the latter due to lack of health checks for cannabis intended for illicit trafficking.

The strong and almost lack of medical cannabis for the manufacture of master cannabis-based medicines, however, had already been reported by Federfarma: “Supply is not enough and pharmacies are having great difficulty with exponentially increasing demand for these drugs from patients.” had been stated by the national secretary of Federfarma Roberto Tombia, noting that pharmacies despite themselves “I can not meet the requirements”. Along with the scarcity alarm, Tobia also highlighted another crucial point, that of reimbursing cannabis for medical use by the NHS:Although it is foreseen, in various Regions the preparations are not reimbursed and the cost for the patients can even reach 500 euros per month “. Something that, of course, ends up burdening those who should not.


On December 14, patient associations (Canapa Caffè, Deep Green, La Piantiamo, Luca Coscioni Association, Medical Cannabis Patients Committee) return to the ministry in an effort to resolve an almost Kafkaesque situation, where everything seems to be conspiring to force patients to turn to criminals to receive the treatment they need. Within the institution, patients will have the opportunity to re-submit their requests, as provided (at least in part) by a press release from Santa Sarta, Vice-Chairman of the Medical Cannabis Patients Committee (in the picture), where the first two problems that need to be overcome are highlighted, ie “Managing the supply of medicines in the short term and managing the start-up and production of new agro-industrial realities to support the medical sector.” Problems that can only be overcome with concrete actions: the demands are those of “to draft a new decree for the launch of new projects; pushes for an amendment to the budget law which provides for a significant increase in the funds to be allocated for new projects with the working table, the funds of which can be found and distributed to many ministries by the end of the year provide for urgent imports, expansion of Italian supply countries; increase the number of countries supplying to 15 ” and finally “To introduce the concept of estimating the quantities of national medical cannabis based on the possible uses that exist in the international literature“.

The representative of the Medical Cannabis Patients Committee also points out that some news published in the press are, at least, contradictory: on the one hand, we read that the reduction of the production of medicinal cannabis by the Florentine plant would have been expected, from 500 kg in 2021. 400 2022, as required by decree of 26 November 2021; on the other, Sarta points out, “An agreement is announced for the expansion of the national production of medicinal cannabis in the pharmaceutical factory, which should be signed on Friday, December 17 by the Minister of Defense and the Minister of Health”.

A discrepancy that can be clarified directly by the links with Undersecretary Costa at the meeting of the technical panel convened for next Tuesday.

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