Latte art drawing of coffee cup

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Art takes a wide variety of forms, and the variety of its manifestations is endless. Coffee painting, also latte art, has recently entered the professional level of competition. Also, latte art itself has been around for quite some time. It’s hard to say who exactly came up with the idea of ​​creating coffee foam drawings, but this passion for decorating has turned into serious art. By how clever you draw your drink, you can also judge the taste of the coffee. The more professional the barista, the better their skills and the tastier the coffee will be.

Latte Art

First, let’s discover the complexities. To create the base of the drawing, the milk is steamed at 65-67 ° C until a seductive foam forms. The amount and lightness of the foam depend on how much the milk is heated. You can even make it hold its shape and create a unique voluminous latte art, just like Japanese barista Kazuki Yamamoto. The milk is whipped into a jug and then the foam is poured into the coffee, at which point beautiful patterns form on the surface of the drink.

Latte Art

Depending on how and with what drawings they are applied, latte art is divided into:

  • engraving: drawing a pattern with a jug and a sharp object on the surface of a milk foam espresso;
  • cappuccino art: drawing with grated chocolate, cinnamon and chocolate syrup;
  • espresso art: the drawing is applied with a sharp object to the surface of the espresso foam;
  • multi-art: a combination of a carafe, a sharp object and cappuccino additives art.

Latte Art

There are also three main forms of latte art: flower, heart, and apple. The most common of them is a flower or a rosette.
If you decide to try latte art at home, remember that the drawing depends on many factors: the height of the jug, the starting point of the drawing, the width of the milk foam in the jug, the trajectory and speed of your movements during the milk infusion.
Latte ArtAnnually, latte art competitions are held between baristas. The masters paint behind their backs and with their eyes closed. The same pattern on multiple cups is considered a sign of professionalism. After all, this requires the utmost precision, precision, and technicality. There, new techniques and drawings appear, which are then disseminated throughout the world.
If you are a frequent visitor to coffee shops, you have probably noticed that the drawings in the cafe are different for visitors. Latte Art is also a form of dialogue with the visitor. Often times, the barista selects pictures on purpose. He will draw hearts for a couple holding hands, a smile for a sad person, and a sun for a girl who likes him. Coffee shops will never be empty because latte art is part of their charm, along with the pleasant aroma of coffee soaking through clothes, quiet music, smiling waiters and a friendly atmosphere.

Preparation of latte art

Latte Art has become another way of expressing yourself. Its existence shows that creativity and art have a place in any business.

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