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The common lawn, which is grown with grasses, consists of innumerable small perennials that cover the ground, which grow together; Among them fall leaves, debris and harvest residues, which over the months form a thick layer, called felt. This layer of decomposing plant products creates a real barrier over time, difficult to cross by water and mineral salts brought from outside, so it would be better to remove this layer of debris periodically, to allow the grass to develop from the better way; This cleaning operation is called aeration and is usually done at the end of winter, in order to prepare the lawn for summer; Aeration is practiced mainly together with the replanting of the lawn, also because otherwise the new seeds would fall on the felt and not on the ground, and therefore they would tend to develop in a non-optimal way.

grass The felt of a lawn can be of a different nature: if the grass has never been ventilated, the layer can also be thick and well anchored to the grass plants, forming almost a fabric. In the cases of not particularly thick felt or when the grass is of limited size, aeration is carried out with a special rake; It is a large rake, with sharp, elongated, cylindrical teeth and very well spaced between them; in this way, when placed on the ground, it will tend to sink into the grass, anchoring itself firmly to the layer of debris, which will thus easily rise to the surface.

In the case of very compact felts, or even when the extension to be ventilated is large, we can use special equipment, called aerators: these are machines with a combustion or electric motor, equipped with a roller on which long tips are attached. who comb the grass by lifting the felt, once the grass is passed with the aerator or rake we will see the felt on the surface; We are going to remove it with a common rake, in addition to aerating, once a year it would also be good to scarify the grass, that is, remove the felt and loosen the earth between the grass clods, to allow a better development of the grass root system. ‘grass; this operation is carried out with a special machine, which instead of combing the lawn like an aerator, is equipped with sharp blades, which also etch the soil quite deeply. Even after scarification, it is good to remove all debris present on the lawn with a common rake.

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