Lombardy exceeds the limit of 91 thousand vaccines per day, a large contribution from pharmacies


Rome, December 10 – The Lombardy Gas Foot Vaccination Campaign exceeded 91,000 daily doses of the Covid vaccine for two consecutive days on December 6 and 7. According to data published by the Welfare Department of the Region headed by Letitia Morati (photo right), last week the administrations were a total of 550 thousand, with a daily average of 78,661.

The Lombards who completed the vaccination cycle on December 8, 2021 (with two vaccinations from Astrazeneca, Pfizer or Moderna or one from Janssen-J & J) or one vaccination with a previous Covid infection, are eight million 41 thousand, a common vaccinated population. over the age of twelve, which, according to Istat, corresponds to 8,966,991 citizens.

Vaccination rates vary by age group: 79% of 12-19 year olds have completed the vaccination, 93% of 20-29 year olds, 88% of 30-39 year olds, 86% of the elderly 40-49 years old, 91% of 50-59 year olds, 92% of 60-69 year olds, 93% of 70-79 year olds, 98% of 80-89 year olds and all over of 90 years. To these percentages, however, must be added those who have already made an administration and those who have made a reservation.

The largest number of vaccine resistant are in the age group teenagers: According to data updated on 8 December, 14% of children between the ages of 12 and 19 did not participate. The data were expected, however, as the vaccination campaign started much later than the others for this age group. The percentage of adults between 40 and 49 seems more worrying, with 11.5% not participating in the vaccination campaign even though they have had enough time to do so, from before the summer until today. The missed appointment with the vaccine has significantly affected (8.7%) even the thirties and thirties (30-39 years old), while it did not invade the twenty-year-olds, among whom only 2.5% did not join the vaccination. .

A significant contribution to the success of the vaccination campaign in Lombardy was made by the 311 local pharmacies that work together to make it happen: Green Cross commanders have vaccinated something like 40,000 doses on December 7th. And it is striking to see how 14,580 doses of these vaccines were delivered to Lombardy pharmacies in a single week, from Tuesday 30 November to Wednesday 7 December.View source imageDecember, with an increase of 34% compared to the previous period.


And these are numbers that can still be improved, and many, due to the effect of about 140 pharmacies (about thirty of which declared available in October but have not even started 108 which instead have been “recruited” in recent weeks and will enter the track on 12 December) to be added to the group of companies already vaccinated. The satisfaction of the president of Federfarma Lombardia is understandable, Annarosa Racca (photo left): “The owners pharmacists respond to the appeal of the Region with the conviction that they have always loved thembut “, he said in the newsletter F-Press the head of the regional association. “Our profession is being reaffirmed as a driving force of the public health service. Other pharmacies will be added again in the coming weeks, as the owners will have prepared premises and staff organization. The goal is to quickly reach the average of 5 thousand daily doses “.

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