Medicinal herbs: the best allies of your beauty

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Phytotherapy, oruse of plants or plant extracts for curative purposes, it is an ancient art that has its roots in the classical world, but often when we talk about medicinal plants or herbs we think of everything except beauty care … From ancient medicines to today’s real natural cosmetics, medicinal herbs areinstead the best allies of our beauty. Let’s find out how!

Essential oils: a toned and radiant face with rosemary

Rosemary, in addition to being an excellent condiment in the kitchen, is also a true panacea for reduce facial wrinkles and slow the aging of the skin. It is characterized by its exceptional tonic, anti-fatigue and antiseptic properties. In addition, being rich in essential oils, it is perfect for
create compresses for facial skin

How? Simple, just dip a few sprigs of rosemary in a pot of water (2 or 3 glasses in proportion) and bring to a boil, then let it cool and filter everything.

Couperose goes retro! With blueberry decoction

the Blackberry pleases our palate … but also our circulation! Those who suffer from sensitive skin, poor circulation or couperose, or the appearance of generalized redness on the cheeks, especially in cold months, can count on this valuable ally. The blueberry and its berries have properties vasoconstrictive, astringent and antisepticthey also help purifies and cleanses the skin of the face.


How to prepare a decoction or a lotion? As for the rosemary tonic, water with the addition of cranberry berries is also needed for this decoction. After submerging the berries in a pot of cold water and bringing them to a boil, let them cool and filter. For diffuse or localized application of the liquid to the face and body, use a sponge or cotton swab.

Lavender for a regenerating bath

Loved and used by ancient Romans in thermal baths, lavender is more than just a fragrance. It is also excellent for the skin of adults and children: its application in the form of essential oils gives one elastic and toned skin, in addition to promoting psychophysical relaxation with its aroma. Taking a bath with the addition of lavender essential oil helps cell regeneration and fights cellulite, thanks to its healing and anti-inflammatory power. Even psoriasis, skin irritation, and sunburn won’t have it easy with lavender!

Goodbye to blackheads: oatmeal scrub against impurities

Vein, presumably born as a weed in cultivated fields of barley and wheat, is not only good for breakfast, but excellent for creating facial and body scrubs: Blackheads and impurities will be just a bad memory! Its abrasive action allows the skin to be exfoliated, but gently, removing impurities and dead cells, for a smoother and more rested skin.

To create an oatmeal body scrub they serve: oatmeal, salt or sugar, mixed with oil or honey, to create a creamy, granular and easily spreadable mixture. Incorporate the different ingredients and apply the mask to your face and body in the shower … your skin has never been so soft!


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