Nas, found 281 health professionals (including pharmacists) at work without vaccines


Rome, December 3 – The increase in Covid infections has prompted, among other countermeasures, the intensification of Nas carabinieri verification campaigns, in agreement with the Ministry of Health, on compliance with the vaccination requirement for the data. “Health Professions” these “Health workers”.
In particular, the audit services aim to identify professionals, both in the public sphere and as freelancers in private offices and clinics, who continue
to carry out the activity, albeit without vaccination against Covid.
The results of the imposing, painstaking control work were announced this morning with a press release issued by the Carabinieri Administration of Nas. There were 1,609 structures and audited public and private health centers, with the verification of approximately 4,900 positions involving doctors, dentists, pharmacists, veterinarians, nurses, physiotherapists and others. The irregularities found, due to the practice of the profession in the absence of vaccination, were 281.
Among the professionals audited, it was found that 126 of them provided services even though they were already recipients of the suspension from the professional mandate following a report from the health authority (Asl, Asp, Ats, etc.), continuing to practice the profession of freelancer. in private or outpatient clinics, as well as in wards in public hospitals and private clinics, due to their appointment as a doctor or nurse.
These behaviors led to the referral to the judicial authority for the case of the offense of “abuse of health profession”, as they were caught in the service despite the fact that
has been suspended by the trade union.
In this context, 8 family doctors were also identified, including general practitioners and pediatricians operating in certain Regions (Abruzzo, Sardinia, Campania and Lazio).
never be vaccinated.
The inspectorate also ordered the launch of investigations against health services in certain areas (Calabria, Sicily, Molise and the Autonomous Province of Bolzano-Alto
Adige) for possible omission and inaction in the regular preparation of administrative and disciplinary measures against unvaccinated personnel.
The criticality of the general context of the Covid vaccination campaign, which is represented by health care providers and in direct contact with patients / users, is evident.
resulting without antibody coverage.

Nas’s commitment, the statement concludes, “We will continue with further control services regarding compliance with the various types of green pass and compliance with vaccination obligations, in relation toThe evolution of the national and local epidemiological situation “. As they say, man warned…

The Minister of Health Roberto Speranza (in the picture) immediately wanted to thank the Carabinieri Nas “For the valuable work of monitoring compliance with the rules, for the protection of everyone’s health. The health staff and all those who have access to both public and private health facilities“, said the owner of the court in a press release “They must be guaranteed that they are in a safe environment, where all measures are taken to deal with the spread of the pandemic, starting with the obligation of vaccination for those who practice the health profession.”

Below are the details – as suggested in the Nas press release – for pharmacies and pharmacists who, in various parts of the country, have been deferred or sanctioned for non-compliance with the vaccination requirement.


Nas Palermo
The operation of a private pharmacy in Bagheria (PA) is foreseen, due to the non-appointment of a new technical director as the holder was found to have been suspended due to non-compliance with the vaccination obligation for Covid-19.
At a private pharmacy in Bompietro (PA), a suspension order was issued by the Palermo ASP Pharmaceutical Department because Nas found that the technical director in charge of the structure continued to hold his position despite failing to comply with the vaccination obligation had been suspended by the Palermo Pharmacists’ Battalion.
Nas Torino
A pharmacist has been remanded in custody for abusing her profession at a pharmacy in Carmagnola (TO) despite the suspension of her relevant professional mandate.

Nas Udine
A pharmacist graduate, a pharmacy clerk in the province of Udine, surprised at work, although he was not aware of the vaccination obligations, referred to the Asl Prevention Department and the Battalion.
The owner of a pharmacy in the province of Udine reported that he did not comply with the vaccination obligations of the competent ASL and the Order of Pharmacists.

Nas Brescia
The co-owner of a pharmacy located in the province of Lecco, intending to practice the profession of pharmacist, although suspended by the relevant Professional Decree because he had not been vaccinated for Sars-Cov-2, was remanded in custody to the competent court. principle.
During a search of a pharmacy in Leno (BS), it was found that a pharmacist, owner of the facility, was conducting his business despite being suspended.
Thirteen pharmacists, including owners and employees, all operating in pharmacies in the province of Brescia, were referred to the competent judicial authority, in connection with which the professional association had decided to suspend them as a result of the failed vaccination.

Nas Bologna
The two owners of a pharmacy in Cesena (FC) and a parapharmacy in Rimini were released on bail because they were delivering drugs to customers, although they had been suspended by the Battalion.

Nas Livorno
The owners of two pharmacies, located in the province of Livorno, have been identified as operating, although both have been suspended.

Nas Taranto
During a search of a pharmacy in Fasano (BR), the owner pharmacist and an employee were found to have intended to perform duties other than those of pharmacist
has already been suspended by the professional body for non-compliance with the vaccination obligation. However, they did not have a green card, showing at the time of the check an expired buffer

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