Paxlovid in Dpc, signed the protocol between the Ministry, Aifa and initially the pharmacy

Rome, April 20 – Ministry of Health, Aifa, Federfarma, Assofarm, Farmacieunite, Adf and FederfarmaServizi signed on April 15 the protocol for the distribution and oral administration of antiviral medicine Paxlovid (nirmatrelvir-ritonavir), manufactured by Pfizer and used for the home treatment of mild to moderate Covid 19 in non-hospitalized persons at risk.
The medicine will be available in the warehouses of the intermediate distribution companies upon the recommendation of the respective regional departments and will be supplied by the pharmacists of the Community pharmacies exclusively in Dpc (distribution on account) function, following a suitable prescription that it cannot bring back. drugs except Paxlovid, in full and strict observance of the indications contained in the information material attached to the protocol itself.
Pharmacists and intermediate distribution companies undertake to guarantee the storage, distribution and distribution conditions of the medicine in accordance with the characteristics of the drug.
The protocol signed by the competent authorities and the abbreviations of the pharmacies and the intermediate distribution oblige the latter to carry out the activities covered by the agreement free of charge. In this regard, in a statement sent to the affiliated pharmacies, FarmacieUnite made it known that in its comments on the content of the protocol, the association chaired by Franco Gariboldi Muschiettiintended to emphasize the absolute exception to the free service “.


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