Pnrr, for health care obligations fulfilled with 70% or without occupational risk insurance


Rome, December 22 – Green light of Parliament, with a vote of confidence, in the government decree for the National Plan for Recovery and Resilience (Pnrr), which was voted yesterday morning in Parliament with 360 votes in favor, 15 against (Alternativa MPs) and 35 abstentions (the FdI team). The provision is now being considered by the Senate, where it must be amended by January 5.

The provision, which originally consisted of 51 articles, was extensively amended during consideration in the Committee on Budgets: the text now being passed to the Palazzo Madama consists of 96 articles, divided into four sections, including urgent measures and to accelerate its achievement. 2021, Commissioner for the Management and Strengthening of the Anti-Mafia Prevention System. The many remedies adopted at first reading range from new soft drinks to economic sectors that are still struggling with the effects of the pandemic, to actions to spread digital payments and to protect domestic customers who are more exposed to expensive accounts.

Obviously, there is no lack of measures of immediate interest to the health sector, some of which are unquestionably relevant, such as the one that provides that, in order to benefit from occupational risk insurance coverage, health professionals must date at least 70% training obligations provided for in the continuing education program for the last three years.


Significant extensions are also provided for AIFA, the Technical Scientific Advisory Committee (CTS) and the Price and Compensation Committee (CPR) operating within the Organization. Basically, in anticipation of the reorganization of the national regulatory body and in any case until 28 February 2022, the members of the CTS and the CPR remain in place. Other important measures are the reduction of deadlines for access to treatments for patients with rare diseases and the allocation of 700 thousand euros to strengthen biomedical research in the context of mission 6 of the NRP.

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