Poured coffee

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If you consider yourself a seasoned coffee lover, you have probably heard of the pour over coffee brewing method. If not, read the article and don’t say later that you heard this word for the first time.

Poured coffee

So, the name “pourover” comes from the English pour over – pour over. As you understand, the water is poured over the coffee very slowly. Now for the details.
To make a coffee pourover, you need a variety of tools, which is why it is most often made in a coffee shop. Of course, you can do this at home, but the main thing in this coffee is the process of its preparation, by analogy with the tea ceremony. Although the Americans popularized this method, their homeland is Japan. It appeared there as early as 1908, but only reached the United States in 2010. Before that, only tourists brought it as a souvenir. The Japanese tend to observe the accuracy and precision of movements. The method of preparing coffee in a pourover is also called a coffee ceremony because of the similarity of the rituals.

Make a coffee pourover

Make a coffee pouroverTo prepare the coffee pour, you need a dropper – a plastic, glass or ceramic funnel. It is often made in the form of a clean cup that is placed over the coffee container. A special paper filter is inserted into the dropper, into which the ground coffee is poured. Hot water is poured through a funnel in a fine stream. But first, you need to wet the filter to remove the papery taste. This water is poured out and the coffee is moistened in a filter. Let it open a bit and get ready for the main process, and then proceed to slowly pour water from the kettle over the coffee. To achieve the desired effect, use a kettle pourer. Its distinctive feature is a very thin long curved spout and a comfortable handle, so it can be kept suspended for a long time, pouring water evenly through the filter. It takes 5 to 8 minutes in total for all the water to pass through the coffee. As with the preparation of tea, the water should not be boiling water, about 95 degrees will be enough. The water is poured in a spiral and sideways to the center, so the maximum amount of coffee extract will be drawn from the container below. It is also important to note that the lower container must be kept warm, otherwise the drink will get cold during preparation. A thick-walled glass teapot can be used.

Make a coffee pourover

Connoisseurs will say that this method is very similar to making coffee in a Kemex and they will be right. Only in pouring is a finer coffee grind and a slightly different device used. By the way, many people incorrectly call this device in the form of a cup – hario. In fact, Hario is just a Japanese brand, besides this company, many others also produce pourovers. Also, this method can be compared to a drip coffee maker – the principle is similar, but in reality there are many differences.

Preparing the coffee spill with the Hario dropper

The secret of the attractiveness of coffee in a pourover is that the taste and quality of the prepared drink depends entirely on who prepares it. You determine the temperature, select the quality of the coffee grind and adjust the strength of the drink. In addition, having everything you need, you can also make a poured coffee at home.

Make a coffee pourover

Although the principle of pouver is at its artificial maximum expression, the Swiss pouver coffee maker has already seen the light, it is rumored that it will repeat all the necessary human manipulations.

Purover coffee maker

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