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Pruning the tree is not necessary. In fact, plants in nature do not require human intervention, they grow and grow fruits in the same way. Pruning must be performed if the plant is under particularly critical and incurable conditions, or to reduce the size of the plant or to increase the production of fruit and flowers. the shape of the plant and have greater ease of picking fruit.
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pruning apple trees So, if you are a beginner, this pruning technique is surely the one to apply for both you and the plant. In fact, it will give the plant the desired look, leaving it in a very natural way, promoting the circulation of air and light which must not only illuminate the plant but also penetrate inside the leaves.

This technique involves the export of whole branches, and therefore already formed. To cut a branch, you do not need to break it or cut it in half, but a clean-cut should be made where the branch branches. There should be no cuts or stumps. Pay close attention to the structure of the apple tree, eliminate suckers or suckers, and when you go eliminate branches, it makes sense to do it wisely to keep the plant beautiful and harmonious, then eliminates dry or broken branches, even those crooked ones, finally those too close If you want to be exact, you can calculate some symmetry of the plant and orientate yourself based on it, otherwise you can just eliminate the branches, based on what was said before.

apples In order to cut a good branch, but which needs to be eliminated because the crown of the tree is too excessive, a special technique must be used, eliminating branches when attaching a smaller branch. In this way, the lymph flow inside the plant is not interrupted and the necessary branches are avoided, at the same time the crown is thinner and allows for a few additional treatments.

Therefore, in order to apply this principle, it is necessary to eliminate the attachment of the longer and heavier branch where it meets the smaller branch. This technique, which is the opposite of the very common topping, is actually better. In fact, while this only serves to determine the size of the plant, it certainly does not pay attention to its functionality or development possibilities, the technique described above things the plant according to its needs. and for this it will take years before it can return to its normal size. trauma, and therefore not the right to damage the plant pruning apple trees however, it should not be done together, but only in the years, it is given the desired shape.

apple tree Do not use your hands to cut, you need to use specific scissors, scissors. The cut must be clean, no stumps, no pointed areas or anything else on the branch. Therefore, the tools must be of excellent quality and, above all, well sharpened, also because, where the cut is not clean, the plant can produce microorganisms that can even completely damage them. When you are done, disinfect the remaining surface with a 5% copper sulfate or propolis tincture and then cover that part with synthetic bark.


There are also other very useful disinfection products on the market that allow you to do everything in an instant. Synthetic bark is very useful and can be applied with a brush or spatula. Among the tools to use we have: – scissors – scissors – pruning shears – hacksaw – gloves These tools are fundamental and irreplaceable, so we encourage you not to do DIY techniques that are dangerous for the apple tree (or other plants), but also for yourself. as some plants where drastic pruning is applied deteriorate. In the case of an apple tree, pruning can be done even by inexperienced people, be careful and eliminate all possible inconveniences with its growth, some species bloom or bear fruit on the branches, therefore it should be remembered that when pruning plants, on the branch you are going to influence, there will be no growth, drastically shortening the branches still creates an imbalance in the plant, so be careful. If you have certain plants, pruning must be done twice, first use a natural pruning system like the one explained above, eliminating dry twigs, excess ones etc, then proceed to shorten the innermost branches, but cutting them off gradually.

apple plums In addition to shape trimming, which is very useful and interesting for keeping our apple trees tidy, it is very important to know how to properly perform production trimming. Before you understand how to do this pruning, you need to face a very delicate thing and understand it thoroughly if you want to properly trim the apple tree. First, we need to understand well what the productive buds of our plant are in order to be able to recognize them and leave them on the branches. These buds, called flower buds, are recognized because they are very small buds that, unlike others, produce one or two buds and a canopy of 5-10 flowers when mature.

When trimming, you can recognize flower buds because they are rounder and larger than other buds, called “wood”, which are smaller and slender than the previous ones. On an apple tree, flower buds are found on branches that are at least 2 years old and usually form where the fruit was present the previous year, or in small branches formed by several lumps. However, sometimes you can find flower buds even on particularly vigorous annuals.

When it comes to productive pruning of apple trees, the ideal time to perform this operation is vegetative rest before the plant starts to germinate, usually late November to late February / early March depending on the area. When it is very cold and temperatures are below freezing, cutting is not recommended due to possible frost damage that may occur and it is better to wait for the temperature to rise before intervening.

During production pruning, as with any other cut, it is important to eliminate suckers and any larger branches that may alter the basic structure of the plant. As for fruiting branches, we will try to favor branches that have many flower buds and that develop rather horizontally, while branches that grow vertically and have several buds will be eliminated if there are better branches. pruning will be performed more or less intensively depending on the vigor of the plant. Strong apple trees with branches in good condition and overall health should be pruned little. Apple trees with weak and damaged branches should be pruned by at least a third to stimulate the plant to react by cutting.


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