Sapienza, second-tier teachers in galenic and radiopharmaceuticals return


Rome, December 3 – The Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology of the University of Rome Sapienza also offers training opportunities for the academic year 2021/2022 postgraduate in the fields of design, quality, composition and distribution of drugs, offering a second level master’s degree.

Activated courses are valuable opportunities for study and advanced training capable of providing Pharmacy and Ctf graduates with skills, knowledge and skills that are certainly useful for accessing career opportunities in areas of great professional importance, thus opening up a wider range of job opportunities. , thanks to the acquisition of tools with which a treatment is individualized, allowing the creation of drugs “Made to your measurements” tailored to the needs of patients.

TOthrough frontal teaching activities (in the classroom and in the laboratory) p practice in industry companies, research institutes and hospitals, the masters aim to create a path that aims to train specialized specialists in the fields of preparation, control and distribution of magic and formal preparations (Magisterial galenic preparations for human and veterinary use, led by the teacher Maria Carafa, in the picture) and radiopharmaceuticals used in nuclear medicine as diagnostic or therapeutic agents (Radiopharmaceutical science and technology, led by the teacher M. Elisa Crestoni).


Both masters meet the need for highly trained and qualified pharmacists who want to be able to provide immediate response even in emergencies, through two highly trained courses that combine a solid theoretical preparation with a substantial practical part that simulates the reality of serene laboratory in pharmacy or hospital pharmacy.

The masters, who enjoy the patronage of the Order of Pharmacists of Rome, were organized according to the indications contained in the States-Regions Agreement of 7 February 2013, which sets out the criteria for certifying the quality of training of doctors, dentists and pharmacists.

In addition, attending graduate programs frees enrolled health professionals (doctors, psychologists, pharmacists) from the obligation of ECM credits. Another advantage associated with participating in the master is the ability to interact and create very close collaborations with realities of the world of work, such as professional associations, small, medium and large companies, hospitals, public and private bodies, including Cnr, Iss, Ircss. and Annie.

The deadline for submitting registration applications is set at January 17, 2022. All the information related to the two important training opportunities can in any case be easily found in the following two links:

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