Sars CoV 2, Italian research discovers the “gateway” to human cells


Rome, November 25 – The new technology – entirely Italian – for the exclusion of Sars CoV 2 and its variants is patented and represents a “third way” against infection, other than vaccines and monoclonal antibodies. Now it is only a matter of time (even if it is certainly not a detail) to implement and exploit the discovery through the development of a new drug, which will take a few years.

Good news comes from Italian research: collaboration between three teams from the University of Milan, the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna and the Italian Institute of Technology (Iit), led respectivelyProfessor of Pharmacology Paolo Siana, by the professor of anesthesiology Vincenzo Lionetti and by the pharmacologist Angelo Retziani (in the picture), who is in charge of the study, actually created a technology that is a candidate to be another weapon against the virus, different from those used so far.

The research institutes of the three institutes, shifting the focus of their studies from virus cells to human cells, actually focused on the “gateway” (the Ace2 receptor) used by Sars CoV 2 and its variants to enter the body. in order to understand how to exclude this entry. The starting point of the research was the analysis of nucleic acid clones known as aptamers: at this time the Italian research has discovered two anti-K353 aptamers. One of these aptamers binds to the Ace2 receptor blocking one of the molecular “keys” of the virus. Thus, the virus could not enter if the lock was occupied by this nucleic acid strand that prevents the key from entering.

Our approach brings a significant innovation to the therapeutic example“Researchers write study published in the journal Pharmacological Research.It protects the target cell of the virus instead of focusing on the virus“.

“It simply came to our notice thenor – observe the study authors – It will now be possible to develop a new precision therapeutic approach to prevent serious Covid-19 infection without boosting the immune system or significant side effects associated with the most popular drugs consisting of monoclonal antibodies or other therapeutic proteins. “In this sense, in fact, the potential toxicity of nucleic acids as drugs is much lower than other innovative drugs such as monoclonal antibodies or other therapeutic proteins,” the study authors wrote..

The discovery, very important and entirely Italian, is potentially capable of producing tremendous benefits in the course of the fight against Covid.

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